White Album – Episode 02

15 01 2009

Okay so I haven’t made my final decision as to what I’m blogging this season yet, but as I am leaning towards White Album right now, I figured it’d be better to blog the 2nd episdoe then to needlessly fall behind.

White Album contains a form of drama that’s underused and underrated in anime: the subtle drama. By episdoe two there haven’t been any major blowups or confessions, yet I can see some incredibly tense moments building up early on. This is partly due to the character dynamics. None of them are perfect, in fact they are far from it.

Touya doesn’t intend to betray Yuki, but, due to his inabiltiy to portray his thoughts accurately, he is leading on 3 other girls. I keep on hearing people compare Touya to Makoto from School Days (which warrants all the “Nice Boat” ending talks i’m hearing). I don’t buy this. Makoto was completely selfish as well as being unclear about his emotions. Touya isn’t selfish, at least not yet. Though, I have been wrong before.

On the aesthetic level, I like the little “thought texts” that pop up every now and then. Animation quality took a down turn from the first episode. And there wasn’t a “true opening”.

RATING: 8/10




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