Winter Pilots: Ride Back

15 01 2009

It’s hard to say what I thought of this episode.  I’m usually able to give an accurate review if I can tell where the story is going (ie genre, plot synopsis).  This episode didn’t really iron what it would be about.  On one hand, we had Rin’s story about ballet and her attempt at redemption through Fuego all while the overarching political story wasn’t glossed over.  So I can’t judge it off of the story.

The artwork is mixed.  On one hand, I loved the background drawing, but on the other, character designs kinda turned me off.  The last scene w/ Rin’s first outing on Fuego was probably the highlight.  Everything else was kinda boring.

I’ll keep watching this show for a few episodes to get a better idea of the story, before deciding if I want to complete it or not.





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