Winter Pilots: Chrome Shelled Regios

16 01 2009

This is one of those shows that I’d classify as a “comfort” anime.  It isn’t anything unique, but it’s made up of stuff that I enjoy to watch.  Regios looks to be your standard shounen action fare, which is fine by me.  You’ve got superpowers, rag-tag group of protagonists, and a lead character who unusually strong.

Well stop, Regios does have a finite number of episodes, so I can, potentially, look forward to how it ends.  But that’s a way ways off (24 episodes, if I’m correct).  The first episode doesn’t have a lot of explanation, but it’s got some interesting characters.  And I really like the artwork

I don’t think I’ll be blogging this series, since I’m currently leaning more towards Kurokami.  But I’ll probably keep watching.





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