Tekky’s Winter 09 Blogging Decision

18 01 2009

Yuki is troubled over my pending decision

So I think I’ve viewed all the shows I was interested in, so it’s time for me to decide what to blog again.  With Clannad ~After Story~ continuing from the Fall season, this leaves 2 spots open.  As always, I considered a few criteria before making my final decision.  This include but is not limited to genre, run length, and number of other bloggers covering it.  That being said, here are my picks

Kurokami : this shouldn’t be a surprise to people there hasn’t been anything else quite like this series.  Okay save Regios but I liked this series better.  In fact, I should have episode 2’s review out later today, but I’m pretty sick right now, so there’s no guarantee. 

Munto TV (Sora wo Miageru Shoujo no Hitomi ni Utsuru Sekai): This one was tougher to pick.  Before I watched this episode, I was ready to lock into White Album. However after that first episode, I was torn.  I soon realized that there weren’t a lot of other bloggers covering this series, when compared w/ White Album.  So that was the decision maker.

That being said, hope you like my reviews, and thanks for reading =D





One response

18 01 2009

Nice decisions. 🙂 Those are awesome picks and I hope to read more from your blog on those animes you’re blogging! White Album really does have too many bloggers. ^_^;; Blog link exchange? 😉

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