Kurokami – Episode 02

24 01 2009

The best way to summarize this week’s episode is take last week’s episode (with its horror elements) and combine it with action from a shounen series (say, Bleach).  That being said, manwha fans should recognize that a critical scene (that should’ve been done last week) was played this week.  I am of course talking about Keita and Kuro forming a contract.

This led to another major diversion from the manwha.  In that, Keita woke up back in his apartment when he finds out about the contract.  In this, he wakes up immediately and the fight continues in a VERY shounen like fashion (yelling chargeup leading to a powerful attack).

So I mentioned last week that I preffered this version of Keita to his manwha counterpart since he isn’t a jerk.  However, now Keita is spineless.  (Think of Yuuji early on in Shakugan no Shana).  I suspect, though, that Keita might get more powerful faster then manwha-Keita did.

RATING: 8/10 (cool, but not as cool as last week)




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