Kurokami – Episode 03

2 02 2009

I refuse to believe that of everything the director could’ve done, he chose to do this… Simply put, this episode was appalling.  After seeing the great job that Kurokami did for the fights in the first two episodes, the fight in this episode was completely uninspired. 

If you were to see your teacher beating someone you knew senseless, the first thing you’d do is OBVIOUSLY consult advise from that teacher while he’s beating the person. [/sarcasm]  Obvious dialogue issues aside, the music was used completely inappropriately this time.  It would start randomly, not add any intensity to the fight, and then be followed by long portions of no bg music.

The rest of the episode besides the fight was okay.  Got some background and fleshing out of some of the characters.  But that fight left me saying “seriously?” at this episode

RATING: 6/10




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