Anime Reviews: Baldr Force EXE Resolution

4 02 2009

The opening is easily the highlight.

If you take a look a the promo images for this OVA series, you’ll see a lot of bishoujos and one male lead.   Don’t let it fool you.  This series is about AS bishoujo as Elfen Lied.  Indeed, even the opening sequences of both animes are comparable.

The first scenes in Baldr Force caught me off guard.  I had no idea that the show was going to be THAT gorey.  (The term “it’ll make your brain explode” should be taken QUITE literally).  Rest assured though, if you can stomach that first scene, you should be able to handle the rest of the anime in terms of gore.  (Though, in episode 2, there is one particularly disturbing scene which made me feel sick).  As for nudity, amusingly enough, only the opening has any of it.

Well that covers the questionable content, onto the review.  Baldr Force EXE Resolution can simply be described a cyber-mecha, or mecha-meets-Matrix.  People in the real world can “dive” into a cyber world, hacking quite literally means fighting w/ mecha in the cyber world.  The story follows the struggles of 3 different factions in the cyber world through the eyes of our main character.

This anime suffers from the same thing a lot of OVA adaptations have a problem with.  And that is run length.  Baldr Force is forced to have a full story and character development in only 4 episodes.  The result is (for lack of a better term), a rushed mess.  Namely episode 3 ends up speeding through 5 major plot developments in 30 mins.  Or rather, a LOT of plot advancement is shoved into 6 mins.

The story concept itself, is not bad.  I really like these kind of cyberpunk series, and the entire set up reminded me greatly of another cyber-mecha series, Zegapain.  I’ll admit, the first episode had me hooked with the plot.  As for characters, there’s only so much character development the writers could do in a short time.  So there weren’t any particularly deep, or likable characters.  (Except Ayane… damn she got bum end of the story with all the shit happens to her)

I think I ended up watching the series solely because of the music.  I had checked out the opening on YouTube and I loved it.  Sure enough, in the anime, the music didn’t disappoint.  It was a great mix of dark techno/trance that really suited the cyberpunk setting.  Animation quality was okay, I expected better from an OVA.

All in all, Baldr Force EXE Resolution is not at ALL a bad series, but it’s nowhere near great.  This is an anime that should’ve gotten a full TV series behind it for it to work.

RATING: 7/10




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