Munto TV – Episode 03

6 02 2009

(The issue with a show only having 1 subber is that if they end up having problems, everyone has to wait…)

I cannot believe that soo few people are actually watching this show.   It’s Kyoto Animation for christ sake, and it may be one of the their best works yet. [/rant]  Fanboy aside, this was a good episode.  A climactic conclusion to the first story (and presumably the 1st OVA).

The first half continued with the Suzume’s “marriage” to Kazuto.  Needless to say, this was probably the weakest part of the episode.  It did have some good background info on Yumemi’s relationship with her two friends.  Now THOSE are childhood friends.  (It makes me kinda sad cause I don’t have any lasting friends from before 3rd grade =/)

Even though that part was the weakest, I liked the direction decision with having the shots switches between Munto, the destruction of the Magical Kingdom, and Suzume.  I also really liked how Suzume’s story paralleled Yumemi’s decision to help Munto.

The actual “helping” scene was very exciting to watch.  However, I sorta expected that after Munto grabbed Yumemi’s hand, the episode would end and the next few episodes would deal w/ Yumemi actually helping Munto.  I was a little bit surprised that just grabbing Munto’s hand was enough to save the world.  But I’ll accept it for now, under the assumption that her powers will be explained in a later episode.

RATING: 8.5/10

Admittedly if I had watched the OVA, I’d be annoyed with this ending.




2 responses

6 02 2009

My thoughts on the show can more or less be summed up like so. These people don’t often act like I understand people to act, and while some viewers may be okay with that, it bothers me. I also get the impression that too much plot was packed into the past three episodes; I understand that OVAs can feel that way, and acknowledge the show’s OVA roots, but why turn it into a full-length season at all if they’re not going to take full advantage of the added time for exposition?

In any case, I’ll keep watching, but warily. I suppose I’m just disillusioned.

6 02 2009

I can understand, and see, the faults of this show. Yet I can completely overlook them. I guess more then anything, I really love the direction. Love it enough to overlook the negatives of the show (like pacing)

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