Clannad Game: Misae’s path

9 02 2009

So in the limited spare time that I had, I managed to complete the shortest Clannad route: Misae.  I thought it’d be good to talk about my experience.  So first and foremost, I don’t have a completed translation patch.  The one i have is like 95% complete.  Menus, some names, and some dialogue isn’t translated.  But for the purposes of this entry, it works.

So the first thing I noticed when starting off the game is that the anime uses EXACTLY the same music and dialogue.  Like it makes me wonder if any effort at all actually went into animating this (well besides the animation and transitions).  For anyone considering playing this, unless you’ve got a LOT of time on your hands, I advise finding a walkthrough.  The path to a character’s endgame is not trivial.  Simple decisions like “Follow Sunohara” can adversely affect what ends up happening.

As for Misae’s path, it was quite similar to the anime, except for a few key differences.  I’ll list them out here
– In the game, Tomoya actually likes Misae and only after confessing does he discover her past.
– Igarashi was much more of a jerk when Misae discovered about his girlfriend.
– Shima and Misae actually dated for a little while before Shima disappeared.

The ending wasn’t exactly conclusive from what I can tell.  Unfortunately, one of the things not translated was Misae’s epilogue.  If anyone knows what it said in those final few slides, I’d greatly appreciate if you could tell me =D

Anyway, next up: Sakagami Tomoyo.  I can already say this much: I like her a LOT more in the game then I did in the anime.





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16 02 2009

Hello an overseas companion☆(^0^)/
I am a woman in Japan.
It cried when I also read Misae-san s story. After that, it has been extra impressed to like cats. (^_^;)
I think all games of Key to be the highest. “Little Busters” is also interesting. It is recommended.
Can I translate well?It worries… (-.-;)

20 04 2009
Clannad Path-Finish Misae

Hello, if you still want to finish Misae, you have to follow both Misae and Tomoyos path. Then there will be a branch of point, where you have to choose Misae or Tomoyo. If you choose Misae,then you will got through this, so save it becuz u need to watch this part. Then play Tomoyo’s story, and at the festival, if you leave it to go to a classroom to rest, then Misae will be their kneeling, looking for her cat. Thats how you see the ending, but after the ending you continue Tomoyo’s path!

12 10 2009

I realise this maybe way too late in coming but here’s the translation for the epilogue: (taken from )

My master, my master.
// ご主人様、ご主人様。
My master right now was a different person from the you on that day but…
// 今のご主人様は、あの日のあなたとは違う人だけど…
She was very kind.
// とても優しい人です。
But, she felt uneasy once in a while.
// けど、たまに不安になります。
I wonder if… I managed to reach my goal?
// ぼくは…目的が果たせてのでしょうか。
I feel like I’ve come here for some reason.
// なにかのためにここに来た気がするのです。
I think it was very important.
// とても大事なことだったと思うんです。
I wonder if I reached that?
// それは、果たせたのでしょうか。
Even now, I can’t really remember that far back.
// 今はもう、遠すぎで思い出ません。
I wonder if everything’s ended now?
// もう、すべてはおわったのでしょうか。
Just that, I want to stay like this.
// ただ、今はこうしていたいです。
Will that be allowed, I wonder?
// それはゆるされるでしょうか。
Always feeling at ease.
// ずっとこの安らぎの中にいても。
Continuing to be beside that person.
// この人のそばにいつづけても。

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