Back from the Dead… kinda

25 02 2009

Unfortunately, Kamina still isn't =_(

Apologies for the lack of activity the past couple of weeks.  I (as well as the other writers) just went through 2 hells weeks of school in a row.  Midterms+Major Projects+Club Responsibilities made the past couple of weeks the toughest I’ve had to face in my school life.  However, I only anticipate it getting worse in the next few years.

But I’m not here to talk about how hard college life is, I’m sure most of you already know this w/o me ranting about it.  What I am here to say is, the work is easing up this weekend, back down to normal levels.  As such, I will be able to catch up with posts.  It’ll be a daunting task, right now here are the reviews that I’ve got stacked up:

  • Clannad ~After Story~ Episodes 18 and 19
  • Munto TV – Episode 4 and 5
  • Kurokami – Episodes 4-7

I’ve also gotten word from eNamorD that his workload has also eased up enough for him to catch up on Toradora posts.

Besides all that… Spring Season is near, which means I’ll start working on the Spring Season Preview soon, and it should be up 1-2 weeks before the season actually starts.





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