Toradora: Episode 19 and 20

2 03 2009

Aaand I’m back!

The plot finally gets rolling in episode 19 and 20 after quite a few episodes of set-up. It’s obvious now that Minori and Ryuuji like each other, and the group dynamics are cleared up:

Ryuuji likes Minori (of course), but also has a soft spot for Taiga (and thus is ‘playing house’ according to Ami). Taiga wants Ryuuji to take care of her, but is willing to separate herself from him in order to play cupid. And Minori really does like Ryuuji, but thinks that she would get in Taiga’s way if she gets with Ryuuji. Meanwhile, Ami (who most likely also likes Ryuuji), sees this entire situation immediately and gives cryptic advice throughout the episodes.

In hindsight, that wasn’t all that confusing.

This might or might not be a love triangle, depending entirely on whether or not Ryuuji and Taiga actually have romantic feelings for each other. This, of course, is up for debate, but it seems to me that they don’t really have feelings of the romantic sort for each other. With only about four episodes left in the series, I predict that Ryuuji will end up with Minori, and Taiga won’t end up with anyone. And if there were a second season…Ryuuji would most likely break up with Minorin because they realize they aren’t right for each other…and he’ll consider getting with Taiga but realize that wouldn’t work either. Just my thoughts.

The plot is going to be fairly straightforward from here on out….not to say that the plot is simple and completely predictable, but I don’t think the storyline is going to twist a whole lot more. It all boils down to how Ryuuji finally meets and confesses to Minori on the school trip.

As a sidenote, Ami and Taiga’s duet during the Christmas party was a pleasant surprise.

Episode Rating(s): 8/10 (plot finally gets moving, climax should come within an episode or two)

~eNamorD (with random Twitter cameo in episode 20)




2 responses

3 03 2009

I’m glad someone else caught the Twitter cameo! That. Was. Awesome.

I’ve been posting around to other blogs in discussion of Episodes 20 and 21, but I wanted to say a few things about episode 19:

1. I LOVED Ryuuji in a suit. He looked like a card-carrying Yakuza.
2. Taiga doesn’t look as good with her hair up. Not sure why.
3. Kitamura continues to be one of the best comic-relief characters I’ve come across. I LIKE his changes post-confession, and I about died when I caught his Xmas party outfit. Classic!
3. I didn’t react as strongly to the breakdown in Episode 19 as I did to the fist fight between Taiga and the President and Taiga getting ditched by her dad at the school festival. Not sure why. It’s kinda ruining the rest of the series for me, because the plot tension seems surreal to me (even including the events in Ep 21).

Overall, I liked episode 19, but something seemed off to me.

Oh, and wasn’t the bear-santa costume more than a little creepy?

3 03 2009

1. Yeah, Ryuuji looks surprisingly good in a suit.
2. Hmm…maybe you go more for the long-hair type?
3. Kitamura can be a pretty good comedy relief character….but I think that outfit was just a little bit TOO out there to be funny. Still, I like how his mind works.
(The other) 3. I think the point of that breakdown was that it was supposed to be unexpected. The fight between Taiga and the President was something that came from two episode’s worth of tension (and it was FANTASTIC). The missing dad arc was also something that was built up quite nicely. The point of Taiga’s breakdown though….was that she wasn’t supposed to realize she would break down. It was unexpected to her (and to me as well…*still clinging to Ryuuji x Minori*) So…lack of build-up might make the situation seem surreal.

I personally don’t find anything wrong with the plot tension though. Perhaps it’s just the producers rushing the story in order to finish on time.

And…I wouldn’t mind hugging a santa-bear like that.

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