Kurokami – Episode 04

9 03 2009

I’m getting a REALLY bad feeling about how this series is turning out. I mean this episode was better than the fail-fest of episode 3… but not by much. Keita is rapidly becoming a worse character then he is in the manga. Not because he’s a jerk, but more like he’s too indecisive and rather random.

The revelation of Kuro’s goal (to kill her brother) wasn’t anything too surprising considering she mentioned it in episode 1. Also, I normally don’t complain about stuff like this, but, I have to say, Kuro’s brother has too much of a “I’m so evil and you know it” attitude.

After another weak fight, with Kuro and Keita getting pummeled, they’re saved by another Motosuitama. However, they decide to pick a fight with them against all logic. I expect more pain next episode >_<

… This show better pick up, or else I’m gonna drop it REALLY soon.

RATING: 6.5/10





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