Toradora: Episode 22

13 03 2009

After the climax of last episode, this episode has to deal with everyone’s reactions to the events of the ski trip. Ryuuji is definitely trying to sort out his feeling for Minori and for Taiga. Judging from the way he’s acting, he’s definitely beginning to fall in love with Taiga himself. (“As I thought, being with Taiga is the best.”) Ryuuji’s act of putting Minori’s hair clip away in the box can be seen as his act of putting his feeling for her away as well. He may still like Minori, but I don’t think he could date her anymore if he knows he’s hurting Taiga in the process.

Meanwhile, Minori declares to Ami that she will no longer hesitate…that she will go after the things she wants. Does that mean…she’s going to work up the nerve to confess to Ryuuji? Everyone can see the oncoming train-wreck here, right?

All in all, this episode has a subtle theme involving figuring out your desires for the future. This involves more than just career and academics…it involves having the courage to chase after what you want. Or in Ryuuji’s case, it involves actually deciding where (and with who) he wants to end up.

Ami does lack the courage to go after Ryuuji..but this is probably due to wisdom rather than cowardice. She knows she doesn’t have a chance with him. =P So maybe not all dreams will be fulfilled. What shame.

Episode Rating: 7/10 (a bit of character development, lots of foreshadowing, nothing exceptional)

~eNamorD (with a future of possibilities)




2 responses

14 03 2009

This episode had one of the best girl-only insult i’ve heard
“Talking to you is like having a period”
i was cracking up

20 03 2009

…I would make a large post here, but I think Episode 23 sort of makes any serious discussion of this episode a little hollow.

I WILL say, that seeing the old Minorin on display in this episode was awesome. I didn’t realize how delightful she was to watch until they had taken her away from us.

I’ll hold off all other comments, because episodes 23 and 24 delivered some of the most excellent moments in the series and, for me, this episode is just glue that gets us from 21 to 23.

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