Clannad ~After Story~ – Episode 19

14 03 2009

A semi-comedy, semi-serious episode that continues Clannad‘s recent win-streak. Well, first thing off, Fuuko is back. No, not like first season w/ her random, rather unwanted, appearances. She’s actually out of the hospital now. And as she’s been in a coma all this time, she hasn’t changed. Her reintroduction was very amusing, it’s good to see both her and Tomoya just as friendly as ever XD. Only thing different, she’s got a rather creepy attraction to Ushio o___O;;;. Okay, so it’s justified since she also loved Nagisa. I was kinda expecting Fuuko to remember her “dream” with Tomoya, but I guess it makes more sense that she doesn’t.

On a more serious note, we had the inevitable, long-delayed confrontation between Tomoya and his father. It was defintly awkward like it should’ve been, but also heartful. My big fear was that Tomoya’s father would interpret Tomoya’s attempt to send him back to his mother as an attempt to make him go away from his life. Thankfully, this didn’t happen. You could literally see the change in Tomoya’s father when Tomoya finally forgave him and lifted all the stress of his shoulder. His one, only wish was granted. The scene with Tomoya seeing his father off wasn’t quite tear-jerking, but it was still beautiful.

Lastly, the light orbs make another appearance. This time, it’s Ushio who sees one being absorbed by Tomoya. Does this mean good end? =D

RATING: 9/10





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