Kurokami – Episode 05

14 03 2009

Okay, bad feelings are gone, slightly. This episode was a bit more like the first 2 eps then the past 2. The fight at the beginning was quite exciting to watch, and Keita didn’t seem like useless baggage. But the Excel and Steiner took the episode. They were interesting, well characterized, and simply kick ass. Their “Synchro” scene sorta screamed Sailor Moon though, oh well, it’s still better then Keita/Kuro’s. I also couldn’t help but think about Pokemon attacks when the two teams used their Exceed. Kuro’s looked like Fire Punch, and Steiner’s screamed Double Team -_-;;;

This episode did have problems though. It still isn’t clear to me why the two had to fight. The “we must fight since you attacked” reasoning felt like nothing more then an excuse for the animators to make a fight scene. I mean, in spite of going at each other’s throats by the midpoint, all of them got along really well by the end.

Anyway, from the looks of it, Kurokami is going into its first arc next episode. Still hoping Keita mans up.

RATING: 7.5/10





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