Clannad ~After Story~ – Episode 20

23 03 2009

 A nice relaxing episode that takes a break from the recent emotional developments. We get another “blast from the past” with Kyou being reintroduced as Ushio’s kindergarten teacher. It’s weird, I mean we only saw her like 4 episodes ago, yet it was refreshing to see her again. There were also some great Fuuko moments. It’s been so long since i’ve really laughed during a Clannad that I’ve almost forgotten that the show is part comedy.

Most importantly, this episode had a lot of Tomoya going “How would it be if Nagisa were here?” And I noticed here another great thing that Clannad does. In other animes (including ef – a tale of melodies) when a character dies, I usually go “oh the other characters probably miss him/her”. The impact of the death doesn’t go further then the actual death scene itself. Some examples: Kamina from Gurren Lagann, Lockon from Gundam 00, etc. In Clannad, I actually miss Nagisa as if she were a real person I knew. That’s how much I’ve grown to enjoy these characters. VERY rarely does an anime take the death of a character this far.

Anyway, I did have some problems with the number of insert songs in this episode. It felt like a galleria for the music. But I DID enjoy hearing Dango Daikozoku again.

RATING: 8.5/10


Ushio got sick at the end of this episode… this can’t be good




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