Clannad ~After Story~ – Episode 21

23 03 2009

 Why Key…. why must you put the characters through so much torture….what have they ever done to you… First Misuzu in Air, then Ayu in Kanon, now Tomoya and Ushio in Clannad… Thank GOD this isn’t the final episode, or else I would’ve been blasting this show nonstop about having a tragic end just for the sake of tears (How I felt w/ Air)

*wipes tears away* Okay… *sniff* that being said. I remember mentioning at the beginning of the series how I was looking forward to Kyoto Animation’s adaptation of the After Story, and that I anticipated tears. I mean Toei’s movie adaptation was plenty sad, but inaccurate, and if KyoAni has proved anything, it’s that they can evoke emotions. However, even with those bold predictions, I didn’t anticipate Clannad to be THIS tear-jerking. In the last 7 episodes, 5 (possibly 6) have been REALLY emotional. I haven’t seen a show evoke that much emotions since I finished ef – a tale of memories.

Anyway, returning to the first topic. Thankfully, this ISN’T the last episode, and there’s enough time for SOMETHING to happen. I admit, I’ve spoiled myself, and I do know about the game ending. What I’m really curious about is how KyoAni plans to adapt it.

So what can I say about the episode? Definetly one of the best episodes, but not quite at the level of Episode 18. But that’s fine, it did it’s purpose… and ruined my mood for the rest of the day -_-;;;

RATING: 9.5/10





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