Munto TV – Episode 06

23 03 2009

 So the 2nd OVA didn’t end at the end of this episode, it finished at the middle. As such there was a drastic change of animation quality in the middle, to the more current KyoAni style. Video quality also jumped, previously, the episodes looked upscaled (even in 480p), now it actually looks like HD.

But I’m not here ot talk about aesthetics. As I said above the second OVA finished about half way through the epiode. In addition to the animation jump, there was also a setting change. The first half was set on Earth and dealt with Yumemi leaving her friends to go with Munto and face her destiny. I definetly wasn’t expecting the level the of destruction that Gntarl caused. Other then that, this part was fairly straightforward. Again, the ending of this OVA would’ve pissed me off. I mean if you think about it, the ending was Munto and Yumemi going up to the Heavens… the end.

Thankfully, this isn’t the OVA, and the 2nd half continues the story left off in the heavens. This 2nd half was primarily an extended fight scene that just about reached it’s conclusion. There wasn’t really anything of Yumemi getting used to the Heavens. I guess that’s for next week.

On another note, I admit… I’ve been forced to change my expecations of the show. After watching this episode I heard that this series is only going to be 9 episodes long. This basically means that the story won’t be the main concentration of the anime. Instead, it’s more like the story is there fo the visuals and the music. As such, I’m not going to expect major plot developments after this episode.

RATING: 8/10 (Story moved forward quite a bit this week)





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