TRC Chapters 215-216 *SPOILERS*

23 03 2009

So I finally found the time to catch up on manga and I was not disappointed by the latest Tsubasa chapter. The previous chapters have been heaping suspense upon suspense especially with Yuuko’s appearance and her disappearance in xxxHolic. We find that the Syaoran and Sakura we saw in the beginning of the series trapped in the tube are in fact CCS!Syaoran and CCS!Sakura. I am somewhat both surprised and unsurprised at this revelation since that thought did come up when I first began reading TRC, but I figured with xxxHolic’s confirmation of their deaths it was impossible. By the time xxxHolic unconfirmed it, I had already forgotten about that idea. So, CCS Sakura and Syaoran are both trapped in that tube unable to touch each other as price they paid and we finally see CCS Touya and Yukito (well their backs actually) where it is said Yuuko was entrusted with CCS Sakura and Syaoran.

Did anyone feel like the recent chapters have been one WHAM after another? Considering the nature of Yuuko’s existence and Clow Reed’s significance in her state between life and death, I was seeing Clow Reed in a whole new perspective. I am also happy to see that Touya and Yukito are indeed present in xxxHolic since I found it strange that there has been no interaction with them if one takes into account their relationship with Watanuki. I also feel like we’ve gone past the point of building up to the climax and are now free falling rather than rolling down the proverbial hill/mountain with everything we’re finding out and Syaoran finally managing to take Sakura’s hand. Looking forward to the next release.




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