Chrome-Shelled Regios – Episode 07

25 03 2009

So that ends that little story thread. It wasn’t anything too important, but it did contain some critical character development. Most importantly, it establishes major weakness in the team. We already figured out Nina’s weakness in the previous episode, this episode simply confirms her inferiority complex. Layfon is too independent for his own good. Due to his past, he can’t seem to rely on anyone for help, and in this episode it nearly killed him. In a way, I’m starting to find Layfon fitting the mold of the “tragic hero”, since he tends to shoulder everything on his own.

All in all, this arc was rather “theme-y”, and the theme was “teamwork” (say that 5 times fast =_=;;;). Basically, the idea was “teamwork can overcome any weakness”, a rather kiddy moral for a show like this. Anyway, I’m kinda hoping that they’ll start revealing Layfon’s past soon, cause I’m getting antsy and they’ve been putting it off for too long.

Only other complaint I’ve got is that the the time frame of this episode felt off. I mean one moment they show Layfon fighting the Filth Bug at night, then cut back to a scene on Zuellni, that takes place at presumably the same time, before cutting back to Layfon, still at night. But then we hear that the fight has been going on for a day. Either the translation was bad, or the pacing of the fight was WAY off.

RATING: 7.5/10


I’m gonna be doing Episodes 8,9, and 10 in one post




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