Winter Finales: Asu no Yoichi!

27 03 2009

Who would’ve thought, that after my scathing review of the first episode of Asu no Yoichi, I would end up watching and completing it.  I actually contemplated just watching 3 episodes and then dropping the show just to keep with my trend; however, I ended up enjoying it for what it is.  

So let me establish one thing first… there is a lot of things that fail in this anime.  The plotline, the developments, the villains, all of them are nonsensical.  Heck, this show even lacks character developments.  So why the heck did I enjoy this?  First off, it’s actually funny at times.  After episode 2 i found myself laughing a few times during each episode.  However, more importantly, besides the comedy, the show has likable characters (Note, that they start off likable and stay likable, overall they’re all static, hence no character developments).  All the characters have a unique charm about them.  As such, I did end up caring about them.

Overall, Asu no Yoichi was a fun show.  It brought nothing new to table and was strictly formula, but it managed to succeed within in the confines of that formula.  If someone were bored and were in the mood of some, any comedy, I wouldn’t mind recommending this.






One response

28 03 2009

Hahaha! I thought the same way about there’s nothing new brought out about this series but there’s just something that makes it interesting and funny. It was good enough also to make you like the characters quite a bit.

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