Winter Finales: To Aru Majutsu no Index

27 03 2009

Back when the fall season was starting, I was really excited about this series.  The first episode seemed to introduce some great characters and the potential for some good action.  The second episode seemed to continue this trend with an awesome fight scene that was reminiscent of Shakugan no Shana.  Alas, episode 2 is where this show peaked.  The show soon became muddled in constant exposition and underdeveloped side characters.  The main character, Touma, never got more development then the first arc gave him, and Index… haha, for a series named after her, she seemed awfully like a comic relief character.

I said it in the beginning, and in fact I still believe this:  Index has a lot of potential.  It can easily evolve into an epic story of magic vs. science with Touma caught in the middle.  In fact, we started to see the seeds of this story take bloom… IN THE FINAL FREAKIN EPISODE!!!  But here, I can’t blame the animators for this.  The original light novel apparently spends a lot of time introducing side characters only to have them disappear by the end of a volume.

Anyway, I’ll admit, I liked the last arc.  It was well paced, exciting, and most importantly, it established an overarching plotline; something all the other arcs were missing.  As for the arcs themselves, some went on too long (exposition arc), others were too short (Last Order arc), some were good but w/ flaws (Clone War arc), and some were just bad (Angel Falls anyone?).  All in all, the series was good enough to keep my interest and I didn’t drop it.  Would I recommend it?  That’s a hard one.  I suspect that the show would be much better if watched in one sitting rather than week by week as I did.



btw, If you’ve read my Railgun manga review, you should know that I’m quite excited for the Railgun anime, despite how Index turned out.




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