Clannad ~After Story~ – Episodes 23 and 24 [END]

28 03 2009

Since episode 24 was nothing more then a recap, I decided to fuse their episode reviews.  Like episode 23 of the first season, episode 23 of this season was an extra “filler” episode.  The term has a negative connotation, but strictly by definition, that’s what it is.  The first season’s extra episode was quite comedic and actually developed the romance between Tomoya and Nagisa.  This extra episode was, imho, rather hit or miss.

It was a nice refresher to say at the least, it’s been almost 13 episodes since we left the School Life story behind, seeing them suddenly go back to the start was nice.  If anything, it REALLY made me appreciate the character developments that Tomoya and Nagisa got (It reminds me of another great character).  I mean in this episode, Tomoya was a complete bum like he used to be, and Nagisa was hopelessly shy, yet now, we see them as a very open and loving couple that encourage their daughter

It was interesting to see how Tomoya and Kyou met (though I’m pretty sure that that was only there to appease the Kyou fanboys).  Otherwise, it wasn’t the funniest Clannad episode, there weren’t as many Sunohara antics.

The recap episode was, well, a recap.  Narrated by Tomoya while apparently talking to Ushio, it actually did a pretty good job of reviewing the events and showing how much this show developed.  The last few minutes were a nice little easter egg.  No real point in me giving a rating for this episode

RATING (episode 23): 8/10





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