Munto TV – Episode 08

28 03 2009

To be honest, that episode felt like a HUGE step backwards.  Doesn’t this completely get rid of any impact that episode 6 had?  I mean, the entire point of episode 6 was that Yumemi was leaving Ichiko and Suzume to face her destiny and that they were willing to let her do that.  The scene was pretty good and impactful

However, when this episode starts, Ichiko and Suzume change their minds and decide to chase after Yumemi. When this happened I honestly went “…the hell?!” in my head.  It was a complete contradiction.  But that wasn’t all.  Later on in the episode, Yumemi realizes that she needs her friends after all, and brings them up to the magical world somehow.  It honestly felt like the writers for these 3 episodes didn’t agree with the writers of the 2nd OVA, but instead of working with it and making a straightforward plot, they went “screw it” and did whatever the hell they wanted…

Okay so that was my biggest complaint about this episode.  Other then that, it was more standard Munto stuff.  There were some really nice visuals this week.  Some of them reminded me of ef.  In a way, I almost feel like Munto is like a Disney animated movie, more specifically, the Disney movies that no one remember: very pretty, but that’s about it.  There is a lot of talk about dreams, destiny, and strength.  Actually it REALLY reminds of something else I’ve seen, that I can’t remember the name of (If you get this feeling too, speak up!).

Next episode is the finale, and I’m kinda conflicted as to how I feel about this show on the whole…

RATING: 6.5/10 (detracted from the impact of previous episodes)





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