Munto TV – Episode 09 [END]

28 03 2009

It’s funny, the show was doing really well in Episode 7, yet in two episodes it managed to fall soo far.  The final episode of a series that was built with epic music and amazing animation was, unfortunately, very anticlimatic.  It can summarized up into 4 words: “Magic saves the world”.

I have to ask the question, what was the point of bringing Ichiko and Suzume back.  I mean, all they did in this episode was get captured by Gntarl and in turn stop Yumemi from getting to Munto.  Gntarl, too, for a primary antagonist, he seemed rather weak in this episode.  One little hit from Yumemi and he backs out.

And then the end… It made almost no sense.  Yumemi somehow manages to recreate the pillar after it disappeared, reconnects the two world, and magically emerges back in the real world.  Okay so I can’t deny the visuals in this scene, they were gorgeous.  But they felt empty.

RATING: 6.5/10





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28 03 2009

I’ve got to agree that despite how pretty everything looked, it did feel kind of empty.

29 03 2009

I’m glad someone else thought Ichiko and Suzume were a little out of place. They’re like the writer’s little pets that he can’t bear to let die– or at least fall gracefully by the side. This show would have ended so much better if they’d worked more on Munto and Yumemi’s relationship than the friendship between the girls.

I’ll admit that I liked Ichiko’s possessiveness in the middle episodes. It made a good conflict for Yumemi to overcome. After that, though, her continued presence just confused the message of the show. Was the ending about friendship between the worlds or friendship between humans? Generic “friendship” between everyone is too vague, because the rapport between Munto and Yumemi feels totally different than the relationship Yumemi has with her friends. In terms of the show, forgiving and trying to live with another species that ravaged your world at one time and feeds off of your life energy is a lot different than reaffirming your friendship with people exactly like you. Ichiko and Suzume don’t know what Munto really IS, so they’re not contributing anything on that front.

Metaphorically, Munto and Yumemi are an icon for the joined future of the two worlds. Their relationship is clearly supposed to be romantic. Romance…man and woman, uniting to give birth to “the future.” There is symbolism and it is sexual. See? That’s why, subconsciously, Ichiko and Suzume holding hands with the pair at the climax feels so awkward. They’re either a third wheel or a harem.

The show has left the door open for a sequel. I liked this season enough to watch another one. I just hope the writing gets better and the message clearer.

1 12 2011

I didn’t even understand the ending.. Where Ryuly was all “We’ll have to wait till he comes back” What were they talking about? What the heck was Munto doing? can anyone explain why he suddenly dissapears after Yumemi saves the world?
To me, this seems like the Tv production was coming in too close to their deadline. because most of the episodes preceding episode 9 were pretty suspenseful. and then it all went downhill from there. I hated it. i expected more from Kyoto animation!

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