Winter Finales: Clannad ~After Story~

28 03 2009

It’s not very often that I can say this, but with Clannad ending, it closes a major chapter in my anime life.  When I first saw Clannad, I was fresh on the anime scene and it was one of the first series that I actively kept up with.  I loved the first season because it introduced a large number of likable characters, it had some great comedy, while keeping a drama heart

But if the first season was good, the second season took it to another level.  Once the after story began, Clannad ended up showing such incredible heart.  It was rare to see something like that from any media.  When Tomoya was in pain, I was too.  When Tomoya was happy, so was I.  Episode 16 to 22 were nothing short of brilliant, and I was ready to consider Clannad as one of my all-time favorite animes…

But wait… the really good episodes only make up a little over a quarter of the show.  While, yes, the entire series were leading up to the final quarter, there were some rather weak parts to this season.  Yukine’s arc lacked depth, and some of the early After Story episodes tended to drag a little.  So overall, the show wasn’t perfect, and stuff could’ve been done to make it better.

This leads me to my final point. Would I recommend this show?  Hell yes.  Clannad is a heart wrenching story that can drive the most resilient viewers to tears.  It accomplishes this by introducing great characters, developing them over 30+ episode, and then introduce incredibly realistic conflicts and issues that really hits close to home.






One response

1 04 2009

I just finished watching it today and I agree with you whole heartedly. While it did tend to “drag” a bit (well personally I felt some arcs weren’t that necessary in the begging of After Story, I was kinda hoping it would focus more on Tomoya’s and Nagisa’a new life but…alas oh well) I still loved it. I am almost ready to call the best anime I’ve ever seen (and I’ve seen quite a few) but I’ll with hold that title…for now.

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