Toradora: Episode 23 and 24

1 04 2009

Alright, so after three or four weeks of not updating, the finale finally came out. I guess that’s a good indication that I should probably catch up with my episode reviews. I’ll review 23 and 24 together before watching the finale. You can expect the finale post to come up sometime tomorrow.

So I really liked Episode 23. It’s theme…was about running away and what it can do for your happiness. Taiga, obviously, runs away at the end of the episode from Minori and Takasu because she would rather not chase her own happiness. Same with Ami: she feels unnecessary and unneeded by Takasu. Takasu’s theme of running away is a little more obscure…it doesn’t seem like he’s running away when he refuses to go to college and tries to take a job instead. But in the end, this is his sneaky way of dealing with the guilt he has towards his mother.

Near the end of that episode, I was beginning to see the producers rushing the plot when Minori confronted Taiga almost spontaneously. But I let it slide, since they actually did a very good job transitioning into that scene, and felt they would lead the viewer through a good show as usual.

Then I watched Episode 24.

Dear god, this was an extremely rushed episode. As I expected, Ryuuji made peace with Minori and Ami each in their own respective ways. Minori confessed that she liked Takasu, but that he should go after Taiga. She sees him off with the sad half-hearted smile I predicted. Ami, on the other hand, didn’t confess a thing, but made sure to hear Ryuuji say that he loved Taiga from his own mouth. I suppose that was all that was needed to satisfy her.

The plot seemed to skip forward way too much, and the characters developed at such a rapid rate that it seems like months had gone by instead of a few days. In the past few episodes, Ryuuji seemed troubled about Taiga’s confession…so he seems to have made up his mind really really fast. I wish they had shown us that scene where we can clearly see that change in him….

And eloping? What for? I can understand that Taiga doesn’t want to run from home, and maybe Ryuuji would want to run away with her at the same time, but he really has no reason to leave home. Oh, and the words he said to his mother? HARSH. He’s right that even if he turns 18 and marries Taiga, he’s still a kid. I’ll have to see how he really grows up in the finale.

I’d have to say that the best and most amusing part of the episode…was when Ryuuji’s mother ran away from home. The irony and simple appropriate-ness of it just made me laugh.

Episode 23 Rating: 8/10 (It was good, but rushed)
Episode 24 Rating: 6/10 (Just plain rushed. Would have been interesting plot if they developed it better)

~eNamorD (with Ryuuji being a baldy?)




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