Defending my rating system.

3 04 2009

So, recently I’ve been looking around at different users on MAL and on AnimeNano, and I found myself getting interested in the different rating styles of people.  I also looked at this blog and my reviews, and I realized that a person who based their ratings off a different standard then me might think that I give everything I watch a high score.  This certainly isn’t true… at least in my eyes.

My rating systems is heavily influenced by my experiences in school.  It’s a mix of a straight-scale and a curve.  In a straight scale, anything below 59% constitutes a fail, and the “average” is around 75%.  In letter grades, that equates to F=fail, D=below average, C=average, B=Above Average, A=Excelled.  Unconsciously my rating system followed this trend.

It also follows a “curve”, in which a lot of shows land in the 7-8 range, less shows in 6/9 and very few in 5-/10.  More importantly is that I “force” the shows i watch into this curve.  If a LOT of shows i watch end up good, then that standard is now the average, with a 7-8 rating.  Everything else “follows the curve”

So that’s how the grading works, but what am I grading on?  Well, I have 3 really important criteria, that if it meets 1, and get about half way to meeting one of the other two, I consider the show worthwhile.  Those things are: Characters/Setting, Production Value, and Story, with Character/Setting being the most important.  I tend to call these the “big 3”

5 and below– Fail. These are shows that I most likely dropped, or were short so I finished them for the hell of this.  Something must’ve been really bad about this show, or it just fell spectacularly towards the end.  Includes: Dragonaut, Blood+
5.5-6.5 – Below average. At worst, these shows are on hold, but they’re mostly completed.  A lot of these shows are ones that started off with potential, nothing else, and never met that potential.  Most importantly, I did not enjoy them Includes: Kaze no Stigma, Narue no Sekai
7-7.5 – Average.  These are shows that, for the most part I enjoyed, but had quite a few errors that I noticed; shows that started of w/ potential, didn’t meet them, but had enough of something else for me to enjoy it.  Also includes shows that really had no fault, but for some inexplicable reason, I didn’t enjoy it.  7.5 is the actual median of my ratings.  Includes: Kannagi, Vampire Knight, Fate/Stay Night
8-8.5 – Above Average.  This is the general grab bag for shows that I enjoyed, and could start saying that I’m fans of some of them.  Met all expectations, and enjoyed the ride.  Includes: Fullmetal Alchemist, Death Note, Ouran.
9-9.5 – Excelling.  This is where shows start to stand out.  I can keep remembering the time I watched these shows for a good while after I finish.  The shows at this level generally meet two out of the big three. But have problems with the third.  If a feel a show is ALMOST perfect, but could’ve improved on one or two things, they usually end up here Includes: Noein, Haruhi, Gurren Lagann.
10 – Perfect.  Okay, so nothing’s perfect, the most important thing is, “did I notice the imperfections?”.  These are shows that I’ll never forget and probably have a big impact on my anime life.  Let me iterate, these shows CAN have faults in them, but if it does enough in all the other departments for me to not notice them, then in my mind, it’s perfect.  Includes: Eureka Seven, ef – a tale of memories, Higurashi Kai.

Hopefully you guys enjoyed reading this, and it helps you understand how I do my ratings.





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4 04 2009

Your rating system is startlingly similar to mine, actually. My numbers are also greatly influenced by a school grading system and I tend to put a lot of shows in the 7-8 range… partially because I like reviewing incomplete series and if it’s terrible enough to be less than 7 — average — then there’s a high chance of me not finishing it.

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