Spring Pilots: Hayate no Gotoku!! [2nd Season]

3 04 2009

So how do you restart a series that has been off the air for a year? With a large character reintroduction episode.  How does Hayate no Gotoku do that? With a marathon of course.  Simplified episode summary: Nagi runs in a marathon w/ Hayate’s job as a butler at stake.  Various characters reintroduced as allies and foes during the race.

Okay so, usually the first episode of a second season isn’t meant to do much but to remind use of how the old series was.  Honestly, I was little disturbed by a lack of a lot of Hayate elements.  First off, everything was believable (I never thought I’d be using that as a criticism).  The trademark over-the-top/exaggerated comedy that made the first season so hilarious was rather absent from this episode.  As such, it was rather dull…  Also lacking, are the endless references, which was a trademark of the first season.  I don’t think I noticed a single one this time.  I really hope both of these come back, otherwise this show will be nothing more than average.

The opening song, while a great song by Elisa, didn’t feel like it fits the series.  Not energetic enough, nor is it littered with parodies.  The ending song however was great, you can never get enough Hinagiku =D.

FIRST IMPRESSION: 7/10 (Hoping the entire season won’t be like this)





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