Spring Pilots: K-ON!

3 04 2009

And with this, the spring season begins. K-ON! (Pronounced “kay on”) is Kyoto Animation’s latest moe slice-of-life comedy.  The show has got big shoes to fill, following the likes of Lucky Star and Haruhi, and in my opinion, KyoAni managed to do it again.  There were a lot of things that really clicked for this show, I’ll just list a few of the many.

First of all, the opening and the ending songs.  Expectations are of course gonna be high since this IS a show about a music club.  Thankfully, those expectations were met.  The opening is very catchy and energetic and seems to capture the essence of the show.  The ending is just plain AWESOME.  Great visuals, great lyrics, just plain old great melody.  Again, both the songs are ensemble pieces w/ the four main characters; however, unlike LS and Haruhi, the songs are definitely more J-ROCK then J-POP.  What I really liked about them was how the visuals really mimicked the music video style (especially the ending)

The next great thing about this show, that I can tell so far is the characters.  While at first it looks like the same bunch of over-the-top cast that we’ve seen before, this goes away pretty fast.  The cast is actually VERY realistic, only Yui seems overly airheaded.  In only one episode, I’m already endeared to most of the cast.  (Ritsu actually reminds me of myself when around some of my friends)

All in all, loved it. Can’t wait for more



DMC reference is made of win XD




One response

4 04 2009

I can’t get enough of this artwork style. The ANN rating turned me off, but I watched the first episode on your recommendation and was pleasantly pleased. The soundtrack promises to be quite good.

After Toradora!, I’m looking forward to an understated series that STAYS that way. I have high hopes for this one.

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