Spring Pilots: Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom

3 04 2009

I’ll say this right now.  Besides El Cazador de la Bruja, I have never seen Bee Train series, as such I don’t have any major predisposition against the production company.  With no prejudice, I’d like to think that this review is unbiased.  

Bee Train looks like it’s a production company that specializes in making anime for mature audiences, which actually cuts out a majority of the anime watchers.  If you enjoy shows like Bleach, or Shana, or hell even Death Note, and aren’t one who’s used to change… then you probably won’t like Bee Train.

Personally, I loved this episode.  It worked more like a movie than an anime TV series.  In fact, when I was trying to think up of similar material to this show, I only could come up w/ recent english movies.  Phantom felt like a cross between “Bourne Identity” and “No Country for Old Men”. “Bourne” because it deals w/ a main character who has no memory of his past, but is somehow adept to fighting.  And “No Country” because like the movie, the episode moved rather slowly… yet it managed to be intense and exciting.

The animation quality was superb, background artwork felt very realistic (actually similar to Michiko to Hatchin, in which the background was the ONLY thing I liked about the show), character designs (as i mentioned before) are great.  The characters definetly have an air of mystery around them.  While I don’t really care about the side characters yet, the main two, Ein and Zwei, have DEFINITELY gotten my interest and are already growing on me.  And music, the background tracks were very well suited, and the opening is a haunting ballad sung by Kokia (that at times reminded me of indian music rather then J-pop)… only the ending theme was bad… COMPLETELY unsuited for this series

Consider me thoroughly impressed






5 responses

3 04 2009

Interesting. Maybe I’ll check it out.

3 04 2009

I would say they make anime for the arsty crowd rather than for mature audiences per se. They place too much emphasis on style over substance, or just style for its own sake.

In this case, I’m not too pleased, not just because of Bee Train but because I’m familiar with the game this is based on.

At the same time, I’ll admit it’s not nearly as unwatchable like the previous OVA series was, so it counts as an improvement and they should have more than enough time to fit in the entire story.

This is just tolerable enough, despite not being the best possible way to treat the material (did we really need all that symbolism about puppets and that “special effect” at the beginning, really? Ein’s also a bit more externally emotional now when she was little more than a robot, at least initially, etc.)

3 04 2009

Sorry, I meant to type “artsy” up there.

3 04 2009

I’ve never played the game, nor did I actually hear of it until this series came out. I can understand why you have problems, but to me, this is a completely original series. And I judged it in that manner

3 04 2009

That’s fine by me, I don’t think your opinion is “wrong” or anything. I’ll still continue to watch the show, and will probably read your blog if you post about it, since it’s always possible my opinion of it could improve with time…as long as the added stylistic elements don’t overwhelm the result.

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