All the cool kids are doing it…

5 04 2009

Either we were really bored or somebody sincerely thought this was a good idea.  Either way, the bloggers of Psychedelic SoulJam now have an official twitter.  Here tekky99 can talk about all the episodes he didn’t feel like writing a review about.  There, eNamorD can prime everyone for his epic Toradora finale post.  There, shiki can talk about manga to no end w/o worrying about pictures.  And most of all, there, Menma can curse like a drunken sailor about the state of shoujo anime today.  (Menma: I was unimpressed with the idea…and then I read that sentence. <3)

Yes, our twitter is a way for us to let loose and ramble on the internet.  (tekky99: I was gonna say ‘vomit’ but that honor is reserved for /b/). If you don’t have a twitter, simply keep an eye out for the widget in the sidebar (which tekky99 is fiddling with at the moment). And if you do have one, follow us and enjoy =D




2 responses

5 04 2009
Kairu Ishimaru

No. Not all kids are doin it. And some of them are not cool.

6 04 2009

Well, just FYI….

We are the hippest, coolest, tweeters around! >=[


(Yeah, mostly kidding. Twitter is useful though)

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