Spring Pilots: Asura Cryin’

5 04 2009

For some odd reason, I had hope that this would be the sleeper hit of the Spring season. I had a similar feeling with White Album in the Winter season… unfortunately, it ended up being wrong.  So was 2nd time the charm for me?  It’s hard to say.

Instead of the subtleties I had seen in White Album, Asura Cryin’ was really “in-your-face” with developments.  The show wasted no time just diving right into the story.  Unfortunately it leaves the viewer stranded.  The importance of exposition is the introduce characters and establish how we should feel about them.  After watching that, all I could tell about the main character was that he has a dead friend.

The conflicts as well, they seemed too numerous, especially for a first episode.  There were 3 factions trying to control the Asura Machina and all ended up in full conflict by the final scene.  Too convenient if you ask me.

Besides those issues, there actually some pretty good things that I got from the first episode.  Opening and ending tracks were great (angela ftw!).  There looks to be some really nice action in this series, and I’m pretty sure it’ll be high quality (shouldn’t expect less from the animators of Nanoha). But most importantly, the last shot got me very interested.  (the one where misao is floating in a tank)

I’ll see where this one is going before I decide if I like it or not






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