Spring Pilots: Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

5 04 2009

So I admit, I was a little nervous as to how they were gonna handle the new FMA series.  With a completely new director and most of the cast changed, there was a good chance that this adaptation would fail.  After watching the first episode, all my fears are silenced.

The first episode really recaptured the essence of what made the first series great.  It kept the character interactions and pasts, the comedy that never failed to make me laugh, but most importantly, it kept the rich plotline and a deep backstory that’s already being hinted at.  In a way, this first episode was rather similar to the first episode of the first series.  Both introduced the main characters, established a conflict, revealed that Ed and Al attempted human transmutation, introduced the first homunculi, and lastly introduced the Ishbal history.

Besides all that, I was really smiling throughout the episode.  I had really forgotten how much I missed these characters.  I noticed that Roy was more snappy than he did in the first series, which was actually welcome imo.  At least, his ego makes more sense now and more comedic.  The episode also helped me realize that I enjoyed the first season a lot more then I let my think I did.  Fullmetal Alchemist is really a standout series in today’s day and age.

As I mentioned in the preview, I won’t be blogging this show.  It already looks like Omni and psgels will be covering this.  I might throw in a post now and then, just to talk about how the plot is progressing and such






2 responses

5 04 2009

I’m so excited for this one… I can’t wait to see it through!

6 04 2009

Funimation will broadcast the subbed episodes on their website starting April 9th, with the first ep. I myself searched for it last night and found it on myspace video, and it was so fantastic, I loved it. It was hard getting used to Ed’s voice though, since I’m completely used to Vic’s wonderful dub. 9/10 for fantastic voice acting, music, visuals, and the amazing opening and ending animation/songs, which I will be waiting to buy. High hopes for this one 🙂

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