Spring Pilots: Natsu no Arashi

5 04 2009

Next up is the new SHAFT/Shinbou anime.  From this pair, there is a lot to expect: high paced comedy, crazy visuals that make you think you’re on acid, and a complete avoidance of any semblance of a plot.  In that regards, Natsu no Arashi was rather… normal.

In this case, that isn’t a compliment.  If you take a SHAFT anime and strip it of what makes it different, it becomes VERY average.  Can you imagine Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei as a typical school comedy? Maria†Holic actually concentrating on drama and romance over the messed up setting?  Natsu no Arashi is essentially that.

The series has probably the lowest production value of anything this season.  The characters look like they were animated in the 90s. There is unneeded overexposure on most of the outdoor scenes that made most of them unwatchable.  The soundtrack was very unfit for the accompanying scenes.  Besides production value, another complaint is the main character.  He perfectly fits the mold of annoying pubescent brat.

Those problems are all superficial, and someone can ignore them and still enjoy the show.  However, there is a bigger problem, one much more fundamental, it’s one I wouldn’t have noticed if I had written this post right after watching the episode.  Natsu no Arashi is forgettable.  After an hour of watching the episode, the best feeling I could conjure about the episode was “meh”.  I really don’t know where the story is planning to go, what the conflict will be, or if there will be a conflict in the first place.

*sigh* here’s to hoping Bakemonogatari will be better.






2 responses

6 04 2009

“The series has probably the lowest production value of anything this season.”

Clearly you have not yet seen “Gokujou!! Mecha Mote Iinchou”. 😉

6 04 2009

haha, I’m kinda avoiding that show. The shoujo shows are Menma’s territory. I might just check it out for kicks when I’m really bored, or when I’m in a masochistic mood.

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