Spring Pilots: Tears to Tiara

7 04 2009

As promised: part 2 of the Spring RPG Adaptations: Tears to Tiara. This time I have more to go on for this series this I did for Valkyria.  Tears to Tiara is an RPG/Eroge from the visual novel company, Leaf.  It is the successor to their previous RPG/Eroge, Utawarerumono.  Thankfully, the original game company isn’t the only thing the two anime have in common.

Both the animes share the same production company as well as the same crew, I believe.  As such, the first episode Tears to Tiara felt very familiar.  Unline Utawarerumono which waited a few episodes before entering the main story, Tears to Tiara hits the ground running.  The first episode dives directly into buildup w/ the ressurection of the Demon King, and even ends on a cliffhanger.  Okay so it isn’t much of a cliffhanger since the opening shows Arthur and Arawk fighting together (even sharing an apple, which I must admit, I lol’ed at).

While I doubt Tears to Tiara will have the same sci-fi element the Utawarerumono had (especially towards to end), I do anticipate some good backstory.  Let’s see what else… I really liked the opening (sung by Suara).  The animation quality is high.  Character designs are the same, and still good.  Next episode should answer whether the action scenes are any good.

FIRST IMPRESSION: 8.5/10 (Great start)





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