Spring Pilots: Valkyria Chronicles

7 04 2009

Next up are the two big RPG adaptations of the season: Tears to Tiara (which I’ll do next), and this one, Valkyria Chronicles. It definitely doesn’t fit the mold of your standard RPG; however, this element might end up hurting the show more then helping… at least early on.  

The last RPG I saw,Tales of the Abyss, was the exact opposite, you could clearly identify game elements as the story went along, as such, I had an idea of where the story was going.  I give credit to the director of Valkyria Chronicles for managing to avoid this trap (I didn’t notice any level 1 monster), but because of that I have nothing to go on as to where the story will go.

I haven’t played the games, so I have no idea what the story is about, how the game layout is, or anything about the characters.  So the first episode really didn’t do anything for me.  We met all the main character, but the show didn’t explain the setting, the conflict, or any bit of the backstory.  The fact that I’m having trouble trying to figure out anything to say regarding the story, should be testament to how lost I am.  

Production was done by A-1 Pictures, so production quality was definitely high.  I really liked the use of soft colors to give more of a 1930’s Europe feel, and way the shading was done really made me feel like I was reading a crayon colored story (which is a good thing as it enhanced the feel. Opening song was really good, however the ending song kinda felt meh.

I’ll have to watch more before I can gain an adequate opinion

FIRST IMPRESSION: 7.5/10 (but this rating is essentially worthless)


(Is it me, or does Alicia resemble Hikari from Special A)




One response

19 11 2009
Fortress Guy

VC picks up fast, but the middle really lulls.

Overall the anime turned out to be high quality. Well art directed with nicely done vehicles and characters. Less good were the characterizations; many seemed too stereotypical.

Here is our take on it with lots of pics and a few bits if wit if you are interested:


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