K-ON! – Episode 02

10 04 2009

Again this post does not confirm that I’m gonna blog this series.  It just means that it’s a possiblity, and I don’t want to fall behind while I wait for the rest of the pilot episodes to premiere. 

This is episode was more standard K-ON! fare.  Yui being very airheaded, Ritsu being hotheaded, Mio being a fan favorite, and Tsumugi being, well, the rich ojou-sama type.  Talking about the plot would be kinda pointless since there isn’t any plot to begin with.  So instead, this post contains some thoughts that crossed my mind as I watched this episode.

I’m actually gonna go against the general trend in fan opinions, and say that Ritsu is my favorite character.  The scene in which she hurt herself when playing with the counter, it EXACTLY like something that’d happen to me if I were in the same position.  Honestly, Ritsu is soo similar to me, that it’s scary.  She has this “Ready! FIRE! Aim!” approach to everything, which is also a major part of my personality (It also leads to some major faux-pas that normally end w/ me in pain >_<).

There was also a large portion of this episode, which was anime-original (Mugi immediately bargained w/ the store owner, there was no part-time adventures). Thankfully, it wasn’t a bad anime-original portion, I actually thought it was funnier then the rest of the episode.

CoalGuys’ fixed their karaoke for the opening, and now the lyrics make MUCH more sense.  I still like it, very energetic and I had to stop myself from watching it in the middle of the episode =_=;

RATING: 8/10


(Current Character rating: Yui = Tsumugi < Mio < Ritsu)




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