Spring Pilots: Basquash!

10 04 2009

… Why oh WHY didn’t watch this earlier, like when it came out.  This makes two shows in a row that had absolutely amazing first episodes.  Eden catered towards my appreciation for good characters and directing, like ef-memories and Higurashi. For Basquash, it caters towards my interest in shows that put a lot of emphasis on the setting, like Eureka Seven and Last Exile.  In fact, I almost consider Basquash to be the fusion of Gurren Lagann and Eureka Seven.

The episode does a great job of setting up the story.  It did everything it needed to do: it set up an interesting setting, introduced a main character with plenty of flaws, introduced a conflict (this time an internal one), and gave the hints of a more dark back story.  I found Basquash to be much more sinister then anticipated.  I mean, the trailer only indicated that this would be something akin to a sports anime, only w/ mecha playing the sport.  There is actually a whole lot more.

I honestly thought that the first episode was much more about  the setting and the characters than it was about  the mecha.  The mecha part only made up the last scene (which, imo, was an awesome scene).  Anyway, I can see some really good setting and character developments, and I can see Basquash  managing to switch between comedic and serious on a whim.



(gyah, JUST when i thought i had the blogging list finalized…)




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