Spring Pilots: Eden of the East

10 04 2009

I honestly had to stop myself from doing a full episode review for this.  I never said this was a guaranteed show to blog, and I didn’t feel like breaking my own personal rules… but that won’t stop me from giving the first episode endless praise.

Eden of the East really was on a level of its own from everything else this season.  Even the next best show I saw this season, Phantom, really couldn’t compare.  The first episode did almost everything right.  It was engaging, interesting, and most critically, it made me want more… a whole lot more.

First off, the characters.  We only just got introduced to them, and they’re already dodging authorities, using forged passports, and of course, whipping out there “Johnnies” (… okay, only Akira).  Akira has definitely got a likable personality, and thankfully, he didn’t end up sulking most of the episode wondering who he was.  Saki really seems to fit the role of the girl caught up something big, but doesn’t even realize it yet.  From her perspective, Akira is a rather strange, yet charming man, and by the end of the episode they already had the seeds of a strong relationship in place.  Something that is bound to be tested in the episodes to come.

There’s one thing that I’m praising Eden of the East on, and it’s something that I normally reserve for movies, not TV Shows… the direction.  Looking back, the first episode was a collision of contrasts that managed to fit soo well together.  The events of the episode, on the whole, were slow, yet when watching it, the episode feels rather fast paced and exciting.  The result is a relaxing, yet energetic viewing experience.  Another contrast deals the mood of the series.  The interactions between Akira and Saki are comedic and light hearted, but at the same time, you know there is something darker and more sinister at play.  It’s a contrast that I haven’t seen since FMA.

Last bits and pieces of praise.  The show has high production value.  Each scene felt very realistic and flowed together well.  The “engrish” actually sounded like realy english (it makes me laugh even harder at the “LOL engrish” parts of Regios).  Opening and ending animation credits are unique and very memorable.  And the episode does a masterful job of setting up the mystery.

Honestly, I really don’t see how I wouldn’t blog this.

FIRST IMPRESSION: 9.5/10 (-.5 for overuse of CGI)


Bourne reference ftw!




2 responses

11 04 2009

Dammit! If I pick this up, it’s 6 new shows (counting Maria+Holic, which I am still playing catch-up with).

Will I ever find time to watch Azumanga Diaoh and (possibly) Wallflowers that I just picked up at Sakura-Con. NO!


13 04 2009

I’m actually gonna prioritize this over the other shows I’m watching this season. Like if I start running low of time, I’d rather put off K-ON than this.

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