Hanasakeru Seishounen Episode 2

12 04 2009

I can’t tell you how much I’ve been looking forward to watching this episode and writing about it, since it was so much fun last time.  Actually, though, Episode 2 wasn’t nearly as full of wtf as Episode 1 was.  We meet Mystery Man #1 (or #2, if you count Li Ren), we learn a little more about Li Ren and Kajika’s relationship, we hear a little more about the relevant parts of the business world, and we get a better sense of just how batshit insane Kajika is.  Yeah, Kajika?  Totally nuts.

Now with more pets reincarnated as potential boyfriends!

Now with more pets reincarnated as potential boyfriends!

We start the episode with Kajika complaining to Li Ren that she can’t imagine picking a husband, and wondering what her father could be thinking.  Li Ren reminds her that she was the one who accepted the challenge, and she pouts.  Hmm.  This is a pretty different Kajika from the one who was all cool protecting Yui.  I guess with girls and/or poor people she can act badass, but when surrounded by men she becomes cutesy and childish.  That is…kind of repulsive?  Anyway, Li Ren tells her that he’ll be with her until she picks a husband, and she throws herself into his arms for comfort, saying that he’s the only one she needs.  It sounds romantic, but it’s pretty obvious to the viewer, and apparently to Li Ren himself, that he’s just a cuddlebuddy in the absence of Mustafa.  Ouch! 😀

But Li Ren is apparently used to being used as a stuffed animal, and reassures Kajika, saying that love is just like what she had with Mustafa, so it won’t be so bad.  Kajika can’t believe that she can ever have a relationship as meaningful as the one she had with her wtfleopard; Li Ren tells her that eventually she will meet someone that she loves even more.  He adds, somewhat obliquely, that the human race is half men and that she should look at the world more.  Well, I…guess that’s…some kind of an argument for getting married…

Li Ren gets friendzoned hardcore

Li Ren is getting friendzoned pretty hardcore.

Kajika says that she wants to go back to Japan, since she didn’t have time to explain anything to Yui properly, and then promptly falls asleep.  Li Ren, watching her, reminisces about his visits to the Caribbean island where she grew up, and emoes it up a bit about how frustrating it is to have to watch over her as she chooses another man.  Yes, it’s all terribly painful.  Oh Li Ren, you sad, sexy tool.

The next day, Kajika is eating breakfast(?) with Toranosuke, who expresses disbelief that Burnsworth would make the marriage of his only daughter into a game, especially when it could make her a target for those who would want the power of the Burnsworth Corporation.  Kajika tells him that he’s acting like an old man despite his baby face, and that he’ll age quickly if he keeps worrying so much.  Toranosuke, annoyed, says that he’d love that, since he wants to quickly become a wonderful adult like Master Li Ren.  Wait, “Master”?  Well…let’s not think about this too hard.  Kajika wonders where Li Ren is, anyway, but then a waiter asks if Miss Kajika would like to have dessert (after breakfast?!) on the patio, and YAAAAY!  Li Ren is forgotten.

Li Ren, as it turns out, is in a meeting with some dude from the Fang Corporation.  They talk some business and the dude – who has no name, as far as I can tell – mentions that Li Ren’s uncle, Tongsen (or something – I have no idea how this name is supposed to be romanized), wants him to return to Singapore, since he’s heard that Li Ren has been hired to protect Kajika until she gets married and…I guess this is an insult to the Fangs or something?  That’s perfectly reasonable, actually, considering that Li Ren is a fuckin’ CEO and yet is working as a babysitter.  Who knows if he’s even getting paid.  Anyway, the Fang dude and Li Ren talk for a bit about Li Ren succeeding the corporation, which we don’t really care about…although there is a pretty good line when Fang dude says that Li Ren is “like a supple whip.”  How very…sensual?

Meanwhile, Kajika is busy going totally fucking crazy.  She sees a pretty guy hanging out on the patio, screams “MUSTAFA,” and tries to rush him.  ?!?!?!  Li Ren stops her, because she’s, you know, going crazy.  But Kajika insists that this guy really is her wtfleopard – he has the same silver hair and topaz eyes (okay, we are kind of getting into Earl and Fairy territory here with the color terms).  I…can’t even begin to describe the depth of Kajika’s problems.

That is the sound of Kajika's fragile mind shattering.

That is the sound of Kajika's fragile mind shattering.

Li Ren looks at the guy a little closer and exclaims, “What a beautiful face he has!”  Wow.  I guess this guy is really supposed to be pretty, to attract the discerning eye of Fang Li Ren!  Anyway, we remember that Burnsworth told Kajika that she would know the husband-choices by their shininess, and while all three of them stare like idiots, Li Ren wonders aloud if this man might be the first of them.  But while Kajika is busy having her issue, Pretty Boy disappears.

Kajika…goes to sleep, I guess, because she has a flashback/dream about Mustafa’s death; she finds his body in a clearing surrounded by local people, including the headwoman Maria, who tells the severely distraught Kajika that she mustn’t mourn too intensely, because then Mustafa’s soul, bound by her grief and unable to ascend to heaven, would possess a living person’s body – a terrible thing.  Kajika screams that it wouldn’t be a terrible thing – that she would be happy as long as she had him with her.  Huh.  I know Kajika’s supposed to be a pampered lady in some respects, but that’s really kind of horrible o_o

While Kajika sleeps, Li Ren shows Toranosuke a file on Pretty Boy; he is Eugene Alexander de Vorkan, the third son of the noble European family that owns the Vorkan Corporation.  Toranosuke is impressed; Li Ren, however, is disturbed by the lack of compassion he saw in Vorkan’s eyes.  Why, he wonders, would Harry pick someone so cold and emotionless?  Don’t worry, Li Ren, I’m sure Magical Kajika-chan will heal his heart.  She’s apparently in a hurry, too, because in the next scene, she has gone to Vorkan’s house to wait for him to return so she can convince him that he is her dead leopard.  While she waits, she reflects on how even on the busy streets of New York, where usually no one pays attention to anyone else, her beloved Mustafa is still the object of everyone’s gaze.  Uhhhh.  Hey Kajika?  It’s Menma.  Look, it’s only episode 2.  Can you please hold off on losing it completely?

Hello, I'm your creepy stalker!

Hello, I'm your creepy stalker!

Kajika starts off the relationship right, by telling him that they’ve always known each other and that his name is Mustafa.  When Vorkan tells her she’s made some mistake, she tells him that Mustafa is the name of her beloved leopard, who is now inside him.  Righto!  Vorkan responds with all the composure of someone used to dealing with crazy people on the streets of New York, and…invites her inside.  Because she’s the daughter of someone very, very rich.  Li Ren and Toranosuke discover, meanwhile, that Kajika has escaped through the window, tamed the guard dogs, and run off.  They leave in pursuit, but not before innocent-faced Toranosuke makes the rather pointed comment that Kajika chose Vorkan over Li Ren’s admonition to not go after him just yet.  BURN!  Man, I have the feeling that Li Ren is just going to get jerked around horribly in this series. 😀  Oh, and Mr. Fang Dude also pokes his head in to tell us that Eugene Vorkan has, to this point, driven three people to suicide.  Sweet!

At Vorkan’s place, Mustafa-man (who has a BAR in his apartment, wtf) offers Kajika something that may or may not be legal for a fourteen-year-old to drink.  Kajika notes that he lives a very sadpanda life in his cold, dead apartment, and continues to attempt to persuade him that Mustafa’s soul lives on in his body; Vorkan proves that he is indeed a sad panda by angsting that if he truly has an extra soul inside him, he will eventually be torn apart by the conflict.  Kajika reassures him that Mustafa wouldn’t do that, and explains the idea of souls living side by side, as taught to her by the Caribbean woman Maria, who was like a mother to her.  Okay, so it’s not just Kajika being crazy, there’s also some actual religious upbringing involved.  My raised eyebrow descends….slightly.

Vorkan reveals that he already knew that she lived on a Caribbean island as a child; Kajika is overjoyed, thinking that he’s remembering his life as Mustafa, but Vorkan tells her that it’s just common knowledge in the business world, and that the only reason he’s humoring her is so she and her father won’t cause problems for the Vorkans’ company.  Kajika denies that she would ever use her father’s business in her personal affairs; Vorkan says that in that case, she can stop calling him Mustafa.  Kajika is dejected but agrees to call him Eugene instead, knowing that just as she did with Mustafa, she must slowly and patiently stalk her prey until it falls in love with her.  Okay, Kajika, you are terrifying!  But Eugene does indeed seem to be warming up to her a little…

And then a woman with a gun busts in and screams, “EUGENE, DIE WITH ME.”


So apparently Eugene is quite a playboy!  Kajika throws herself in front of him, but both Hysterical Woman and Eugene tell her to stay out of it.  Hysterical Woman weeps and says that she knows he’s cheating on her; why, when the two of them were so in love?  Eugene, living up to Li Ren’s expectations, tells her that he never said he was in love with her.  In fact, there’s no way he would say it, because he’s never loved anyone in his entire life.  Hahahaha, my god!  Who ordered the emo?  The woman threatens to kill him and then herself; Eugene says that he isn’t afraid to die, but that he doesn’t want to do it with her, so either she can kill him, or she can kill herself, but not both.  “Which will it be?” asks this lovely fellow.  Kajika marvels at the indifference that seems to hide so much pain, which reminds her of Li Ren when he was younger.  Kajika is just an angst magnet, isn’t she?  Oh boy, I can’t wait to see what unhappy broken person she’ll fix next!

Anyway, the woman is about to off herself, but Kajika knocks the gun away, and Li Ren and Toranosuke arrive with excellent timing to cart her off to a loony bin.  “Don’t worry, Kajika, we’re just taking her to calm her down!”  Right…  Li Ren wants Kajika to leave with them too, but she refuses.  Li Ren tells her to wake up and that Eugene isn’t her Mustafa.  Eugene recognizes Li Ren as the head of the Fang Corporation, and they exchange words about Li Ren’s service to Burnsworth, and Eugene’s living a useless, hedonistic lifestyle.  Oh look at that, their objections to each other have nothing to do with Kajika!  Really!  Yeah!  They’re business rivals!

Guys I don't get it why are they mad at each other

Guys I don't get it why are they mad at each other

Finally Kajika agrees to leave with Li Ren.  Li Ren shuts poor Toranosuke in the elevator because he’s a jerk and then tells Kajika about Eugene’s, uh, poor relationship history.  Kajika defends Eugene, who she says doesn’t care whether he lives or dies – and says that that about him reminds her of Li Ren.  Let’s add that to the list of awesome things Li Ren has gotten told about himself today!  I don’t think the next person to leap off the mortal coil is going to be one of Eugene’s girlfriends, somehow.

Speaking of Eugene, as the party leaves, our new favorite nihilist-European-noble-playboy is watching them from his window.  The episode ends with him saying ominously: “You’ve made me angry…Chinese man.”




Okay, I lied.  This was actually a pretty eventful episode.





3 responses

13 04 2009

XD Oh my gawd! I kind of want to watch this series now! I’m sure wtf-leapord-man and Kajika would make a wonderful couple (angsty + delusional. Wai!). Great blog entry.

17 04 2009

Your blog continues to be hilarious. I’m saving my limited bishie tolerance for when I can scrape together the money for Wallflower, but I will continue to read your episode reviews. BECAUSE THEY’RE AWESOME!

29 04 2009

Aww…I continued watching this anime cuz of your blog entries. I hope you will post about future episodes too. I shall keep checking back. ^^ You have really entertaining episode reviews!

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