Spring 2009 Blogging Decisions

17 04 2009

OMG, it’s done… getting through all the pilot episodes that is.  I ended up watching nearly everything that started it’s run this season, and as far as first impressions go, I’m quite impressed.  This might just have to do w/ the fact that my expectations were low.. but wateva…  

While watching the pilot episodes, I kept track of which episodes impressed me the most and which ones I had a lot to talk about.  With nothing guaranteed to be blogged, a lot of shows were in the running.  I’ll first talk about shows I considered, but in end decided against blogging

  • Shangri-la – While I liked the first episode, it just didn’t compare to other things this season.
  • Cross Game – I actually did watch this, and I really liked it.  But I figured the eNamorD might like it more, so I’m leaving this to him
  • Tears to Tiara – I was really ready to blog this series after the first episode… but then the second episode ended up being rather bad, essentially sucking up all the enthusiasm I had.

So that leaves me with 4 shows that were really standout, imo.  And these are the 4 that I will be blogging this season

  • Eden of the East
  • Basquash!
  • Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom
  • K-ON!

Wait, considering the fact that I normally only blog 3 shows per season, why are there 4?  Well originally back in the fall, I was blogging 4 series, but I ended up being swamped and had to drop Xamdou, since then I’ve only done 3 series.  I want to try to blog 4 series again this season because I feel like I can do it.  But, with Regios, this means that I’m actually covering 5 series this season… well, yes and no.

I’m actually gonna try something new starting this season called Series Updates, These are more like the Pilot reviews than full episode reviews, and can cover multiple episodes at a time.  Basically, whenever I want to talk about a series, this is where I’ll talk about them.  (I’ll end up making more than one FMA post here in the future).

Anyway, hope you enjoy my reviews and keep reading them this season =D  (Crud… just realized everything I’m blogging airs on Thursday…)


Here’s a little hint at the future of PSJ, what our logo will be when we leave wordpress.com




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