Basquash! – Episode 02

19 04 2009

I’ve really gotta stop expecting the second episodes to be as good as the first ones.  The first episode is designed to be flashy in order to draw potential viewers in, while the second episode kicks the story off.  No difference here.  This episode was a lot slower, and a bit more standard for a shounen series.

Dan gets out of jail, and discovered that his antics at the BFB game have turned him into a legend.  Street BFB (the equivalent of street ball), is surging and Dan’s status as a legend has filled his head w/ air.  I suppose it was inevitable that this sort of plot advancement (overused in shounen stories) had to be done.  Yeah, the current Dan annoys me… but it’s almost like he was molded to be that way, so that the writers can put him through a lot of trials and develop his character… At least that’s what I’m hoping.

There are really two ways the story can go right now.  It could go the wrong way and turn into a pure-bred shounen basketball series only w/ mecha playing basketball.  Or it can go the right way and have some good character drama with comedy to keep the dark parts in check.  The latter paves the way for the character developments that I so desperately crave.

I wasn’t as impressed this time around, but I’m keeping my hopes up and praying that this won’t turn into another Kurokami.

RATING: 8/10





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