K-ON! – Episode 03

19 04 2009

1 Sentence Summary: “Yui Fails School… almost”.  Episode 3 was less about music, more about the Yui’s study habits and how it’s a disaster waiting to happen.  Once again, it’s scary how I’m able to pinpoint an aspect of my personality in one of these 4 girls (except that I’m a guy).  This time it’s procrastination aspect.

Yui suffered the fate of being the clumsy/ditsy character of the show.  As such, while she ends up on the figure racks of happy moe fans, a lot of critical anime viewers would tend to target her as why the show is bad.   This episode does a great job to reminding the viewer that a character like Yui can very much exist in real life.

I mean yeah, let’s admit it, MOST of us are procrastinators… some just take it to another level (no, I’m NOT ignoring homework to do this blog post *looks shifty*).  I know for a fact that if I discover something more interesting the studying, then I’ll probably end up stop studying to do whatever was interesting (yeah a lot of people are like that).  Practicing the guitar instead of studying was the same exactly reason why my parents didn’t buy me a guitar until AFTER the finals were done in high school.  Seeing it occur here brought back some memories.

Ritsu, though, still holds the top characters spot.  What did she do this week that reminded me of me?  Crying to a friend the night before a test asking for help, being easily distracted at group study sessions, and always end up being the “hopeless” one in my group of friends. … wait, I’m in trouble, aren’t I… T_T

RATING: 8/10





2 responses

19 04 2009

::pat pat;: it’s okay- as long as you have your friends at the study group to keep you on track… 😛

I’m excited for this series. It’s ten kinds of adorable!

19 04 2009

“…a lot of critical anime viewers would tend to target her as why the show is bad.”

Not sure I follow (but mostly because I’m NOT a critical anime fan). Your points about procrastination are quite valid, and some people can get even worse with it (I have an approach avoidance problem, where the fear of failure drives my procrastination. It can create a vicious spiral and wherein things go really pear-shaped) than Yui. Actually, I was quite refreshed by Yui’s devotion to both the club and guitar. When it holds past episode 3, it will show character growth, which will be awesome (there was NO development in Lucky Star–not that I cared).

I continue to forgive the show because the moe situations grant the animators an excuse to show off, and I love every second of it. Yes, it’s a little cliche, yes there’s very little real content in this show, but if you’re watching this expecting something substantial, you’ve missed the point.

As I may have mentioned before, I liken Yui to a delicious cream puff. Short, super-sweet and irresistible.

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