Spring Finales: Eden of the East

1 07 2009

When it came out, I billed this show as the clear cut winner of the spring anime season.  11 episodes later, where does it stand?  Well, Eden of the East was definitely the most unique anime of the season, heck, it had probably the most unique story of any anime in recent history.  The story is supported by a great main character and very well crafted setting.  However, about half way in, the narration gets complicated… almost too complicated.  Certain side characters and relationships ended up being left underdeveloped.  

In truth, all my arguments are completely baseless at this point in time.  With two movies set to come out, the story has really only just begun.  There are at least 8-12 episodes worth of material left to cover, plenty of time to quiet my complaints… but as it stands, here are my thoughts.  The entire arc about the “Johnny Taker” was unnecessarily bizarre.  It didn’t contribute the rest of the series in any real way (besides raise Saki’s doubts about Akira).  Saki never got the development she deserved as the 2nd main character.  After about 3 episodes, the focus point became solely about Akira’s lost memories and his involvement with Careless Monday.  I soon found myself sorely missing the interactions between Akira and Saki (this was especially bad during episode 4, in which Saki had almost noscreen time).  Even after Saki and Akira were reunited, it was all serious business, and their interactions lacked the charm, so in the finale, I really couldn’t see why Saki was important to Akira (or the story for that matter).  Again, this will probably change with the movies.

Enough about the problems.  This show is still definetly one of the best shows to air this past season (I wouldn’t call it THE best show, currently, that’s Cross Game).  Besides character interactions, most of the other praises I had for the Eden of the East’s first episode, remained for the rest of the series.  The show managed to keep a great mix of serious developments and light-hearted moments.  The animation quality was wonderful, especially in the climax in the final episode.  The story (although bizzare) was very interesting, and drawing.  Most importantly, Akira was one of the best male leads I’ve ever seen.  He’s sarcastic, smart, mysterious, but most of all, VERY likable.

In the end, Eden of the East wasn’t as good as I had hoped to be, but then again I had crazy high expectations.  The show is still very good and I whole-heartedly reccomend it (just as long as you don’t mind a few “johnnies” swinging around (or cut *cringes*)).  However, as I mentioned above, only this chapter of the story is done.  There are still two more movies left to be released, so it’ll be a long time before I can actually decide whether Eden of the East is just a good show, or a masterpiece of our time.

[Pseudo]FINAL RATING: 8/10 (as of this point)


P.S. It’s good to be back =D




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6 07 2009

Welcome back! ^_^ Glad to see you guys back to blogging~ I agree wholeheartedly with all the comments made in this post. I can’t wait to read your other anime blog entries. 🙂

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