Clannad ~After Story~ OVA – Kyou’s Story

2 07 2009

Okay, you’ve heard me praise After Story enough, so did you seriously think that I WOULDN’T blog this? To be fair, I’m not even compare this OVA to the main series.  Instead, my baseline for comparison is the Tomoyo Arc adaptation in the Clannad OVA.  Both adaptations were crammed into 1 episode.  Both arcs were romance based, so adapting it in the Nagisa-centered anime, was impossible. Most importantly, both adaptations dealt with characters that were just as, if not more than, popular than Nagisa.  So without further ado, my thoughts.

Okay, first off… this episode felt HORRIBLY rushed, and there really is no excuse why.  If this arc was adapted last year, I would’ve been understanding and not frown upon this as much, but never once the Tomoyo’s OVA did I feel like the writers were running out of time.  This is just the start, there were quite a few problems with this OVA (I’m just gonna start listing em).  Ryou and Kyou were so out of character that key emotional scenes lost their impact.  They felt like completely new characters that weren’t developed.  The romance developed WAY too fast, so it was impossible to appreciate it.  This leads me to my biggest gripe: the story was complete un-Clannad-like.  In all the previous stories, Tomoya learns something valuable from his relationships, like overcoming external judgements and believing in family(Tomoyo), being there for a family member (Sunohara siblings and Nagisa), and the love of family that can extend beyond (Fuuko and Kotomi).  What did Tomoya learn from this? “Love triangles suck”.

A storyline like this should be reserved for the 918259010924 other harems out there… not Clannad.  I know I’m gonna get flamed for this, and I don’t care. Only a few scenes were particularly interesting.

RATING: 7/10




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2 07 2009

Wow your review is awesome. It basically describes all the problems of the Kyou arc in the original VN too. XD now you know why so many VN players all agree that Kyou’s route sucks(Is the weakest/most UNclannad like). Only this OVA was BETTER then the VN route in my op, they cut out all of Tomoya’s round and round OOC EMOFEST where he’s all “OMFG THE PAIN” for NO good reason. The rushed feeling didn’t hit me so much since I already knew the basic events, but I can tell they went fast. However there is no helping it seeing as it’s a 1 ep one shot. Actually, even in the VN I thought Kyou and Tomoya’s romance was poorly developed. When I was reading it I didn’t get the feeling that they were becoming closer. Comparatively, Nagisa’s routes and some other heroine’s routes had very good build up in the VN.

3 07 2009

EXACTLY MY THOUGHTS. this ep almost ruined it to me.
but I saw the light! clannad is life(without this ep)

3 07 2009
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