Chaos;Head – Episode 09

18 12 2008


Am I supposed to be impressed at myself or disappointed at the show when I called a major plot twist back in episode 4?  I’m pretty sure that this plot twist would’ve had a bigger impact in the game when we haven’t heard Takumi’s voice.  Either way, this episode was better then episode 8 as part of the truth behind Rimi is revealed.

On the whole, this episode spent a lot of time focusing on Takumi’s past and some of the stuff he unconsciously wrote.  Of course there was “sono me dare no me?”, but more critical this episode was the equation that Shogun showed in episode 1.  Remember? the one which he said would change the world?  Well apparently Takumi wrote the same equation on the back of his primary school essay.  When Sena discovers this, she goes berserk.

So the equation DOES have some importance to the events of Chaos;Head.  It’s soo important that Sena tries to kill Takumi claiming that he’s behind everything.  Which of course leads to Rimi unveiling her gigalomaiac power.  I was expecting more of an “akuma onna” reaction from Takumi but he was surprisingly calm and collected despite realizing that Rimi has been lying to him all this time.

Of course he won’t win any brother of the year awards, passing off a fairly distressed call by Nanami as a prank.  But I suppose this is finally going to lead to the truth behind Takumi and Shogun.

Why do I get the feeling that the New Gene events have been all but forgotten?

RATING: 8/10


Chaos;Head – Episode 08

18 12 2008


So Chaos;Head makes its inevitable shift from asking questions to answering them.  Episode 8 was rather fight centric… so much so that someone who tuned into this episode, w/o watching previous ones would probably confuse the show for the shounen/action genre.  Hell, even I at one point was anxiously waiting for the moment when Takumi would suddenly start kicking ass… alas not going to happen.

On the plot side, the episode didn’t really move it forward besides adding some backstory for Kozue and Sena.  (Sena’s story was rather creepy…)  I mean even the entire purpose of the raid on NOZOMI was for naught at the end of the episode, with a rather weak plot twist of having the Noah II be a fake.

However the final moments were quite surprising.  I already knew that Nanami was a gigalomaniac from opening animation… however, I never expected her to discover her powers THAT way…  So of all the gigalomanics, only Yua has to unlock her powers… and of course, the question is what’ll happen.

All in all, weakest episode of Chaos;Head yet, but it was inevitable.

RATING: 7/10

Chaos;Head – Episode 07

6 12 2008



So we finally start getting explanations for the events that have been happening. However, most of it was just as confusing as the questions. But at least we’re starting to see where the show I going.

As suspected, NOZOMI is growing to be the primary antagonist of the series, while the gigalomaniacs are the ones who are trying to stop them. Of course, motives haven’t been revealed yet. The question now is… which gigalomaniac is on which side. I have a sinking suspicion that Yua (not yet revealed to be one except in the opening) is probably w/ NOZOMI.

A few things that I noticed… despite being called a gore show, with the exception of the first episode, there has a been a surprising lack of it throughout the series. I mean we still have a 5 episodes left so that can change. The other thing has to do w/ the game.

I’ve been reading blogs and forum posts, and I’m noticing the large amount of hate that this anime is getting from the fans of the game. This isn’t surprising, this basically happens with any VN adaptation. So I haven’t played the game, and after all the flames, I probably won’t until after the anime finishes airing. Why? I WANT to enjoy it, and so far, I am.

RATING: 8/10

(PS Did I mention Kozue is awesome?)

Chaos;Head – Episode 06

27 11 2008


Now I rarely get nightmares from watching anime. The closest I’ve come are a few episodes of Ghost Hunt. Imagine my surprise when the only thing I dreamt about was the siren and the ominous mist that was in the closing scene of this episode. This is what I was waiting for when I first started Chaos;Head, and I wasn’t dissapointed.

On the whole, the episode shoved a lot of information down our throat. But the memorable parts are these. I, like every other viewer, IS starting to get suspicious of Rimi, however, I don’t think she’s evil persay. Rather… she might be trying to stop Takumi from doing something… from one particular scene, I’m guessing she’s trying to stop him from finding his Di-Sword. Why? We have no idea.

The next big event was the first actual use of the Di-Sword, courtesy of Sena. That was probably the most kick-ass moment in the episode.

If you were able to get through the bulk of the episode… you were “treated” to the most suspenseful and scary scenes of the anime thus far. As a friend of mine said… “s*** is going down now!”

Looks like next week is the Kozue episode.

RATING: 9/10

Chaos;Head – Episode 05

15 11 2008


I didn’t intend on having this blog post be delayed, it’s just… after seeing the horrible job D_R did on subbing the first episode, I decided that I’d simply wait for m.3.3.w from then on.  Unfortunately… they happened to have encoder issues so the episode was delayed by five days.

There were a lot of things that happened this week in very fast succession.  If you blink, you’ll miss stuff.  It kinda felt too fast.  In the beginning we had progression of the relationship btw Takumi and Rimi, to some weird explanation by Sena, followed by a confrontation w/ Yua, and lastly an explanation of the Di-Sword by Ayase.

Assuming that I understood correctly… the show is treading in Matrix territory w/ the entire thing that Sena said about how everything, including humans, is electrical.  I mean yeah, she meant nerve impulses, but still.  Also, the show is getting a “breaking reality” vibe to it.  Speaking of that… the scene with Ayase summoning her Di-Sword was VERY well done, and very symbolic.

Probably the most interesting part of this episode was some of the truth around Takumi’s delusions.  As I suspected there is more them then meets the eye.  I didn’t quite understand what Ayase mentioned, but I have a sinking suspicion that while we are seeing Takumi’s delusion, his body is doing something else.  Just a thought…

Lastly… the ending portion w/ the ‘MewTube’ clip was a great way to end the episode

RATING: 8/10 (too fast-paced for its own good)

Chaos;Head – Episode 04

5 11 2008


I wanted to clap and cheer sooo loudly when Rimi slapped Takumi.  I was like “IT’S ABOUT FREAKIN TIME!!!”.  But yeah, it seems like that helped Takumi get over his COMPLETELY irrational fear of Rimi… maybe.  At the moment I have a feeling that half the story is going to have to do w/ Takumi trying to get over his paranoia, and separate out the truth from delusions.  Nanami and Rimi will probably help with that.

As for the New Gene events, Sena and Ayase look to be the main characters for that.  That only leaves Yua and Kozue.  We haven’t seen enough of Kozue to know her importance, and it looks like Yua is going to be a major obstacle for Takumi.

So shogun makes his big appearance in one of Takumi’s grander delusions (28 Days Later anyone?).  He mentions that Takumi has the power to stop the killings.  Of course, Takumi just panicked that he was talking to Shogun.  Is it just me or does Shogun’s voice sound like a deeper version of Takumi’s?… Theory anyone?

As much as I can’t stand Takumi right now, I couldn’t help but feel bad for him in the beginning.  The phrase that’d been tormenting him throughout his life, all of a sudden is the newest hip thing to say.  It’s almost like the New Gene killings are like a pop phenom.

RATING: 8.5/10

Chaos;Head – Episode 03

31 10 2008


Apologies for the late post, the original copy I had of the episode had buffering issues making it impossible to get decent screencaps.  I DLed the m33w version, but then work got the better of me.

If there’s one thing I can count on every week, it’s that this Chaos;Head will have me on the edge of my seat consistently.  The mystery and suspense factor gets turned up even more this episode, and the last of the main characters get screen time.

This week, we had Takumi go from trying to figure out what happened regarding “shogun”, to going to an occult rock concert in which the lead singer seems to have predicted the New Gene events, and lastly going out with his sister to buy a cell phone.  We learn some critical things about Takumi, like how he seems to have a precognition ability.  However, it’s just as possible that he isn’t predicting the future, rather he is writing it… that’d be a cool twist.  Also we see him improving his personality, whereas before he’d completely avoid going out of his container, he’ll go outside if he needs to find/figure something out.  His sister even mentioned that that was the first time they had hung out in a while.  It’s pretty interesting to see where they’ll go with his personality now.

Regarding the rest of the cast, we finally see the first glimpses of the sword that the girls were holding in the promo pics and the opening.  Question is now, how does it all tie into the story.  Also interesting to note, when Takumi saw himself in the New Gene image, didn’t anyone realize that Rimi wasn’t there?

So what are my thoughts?  Well there’s gotta be something more to Takumi’s delusions, something critical about it.  As for the crucifixion event, I think Takumi had a delusion of seeing Rimi there, but isn’t the one who committed the act.  He just went there, saw the corpse, saw the stakes, and ran.  So far only Ayase and Sena have been seen with the large swords, so this leads me to wonder how the other characters going to manifest theirs

Only 3 episodes in, and I want to see moore

RATING: 8/10