Spring Finales: Eden of the East

1 07 2009

When it came out, I billed this show as the clear cut winner of the spring anime season.  11 episodes later, where does it stand?  Well, Eden of the East was definitely the most unique anime of the season, heck, it had probably the most unique story of any anime in recent history.  The story is supported by a great main character and very well crafted setting.  However, about half way in, the narration gets complicated… almost too complicated.  Certain side characters and relationships ended up being left underdeveloped.   Read the rest of this entry »


K-ON! – Episode 03

19 04 2009

1 Sentence Summary: “Yui Fails School… almost”.  Episode 3 was less about music, more about the Yui’s study habits and how it’s a disaster waiting to happen.  Once again, it’s scary how I’m able to pinpoint an aspect of my personality in one of these 4 girls (except that I’m a guy).  This time it’s procrastination aspect. Read the rest of this entry »

Basquash! – Episode 02

19 04 2009

I’ve really gotta stop expecting the second episodes to be as good as the first ones.  The first episode is designed to be flashy in order to draw potential viewers in, while the second episode kicks the story off.  No difference here.  This episode was a lot slower, and a bit more standard for a shounen series. Read the rest of this entry »

Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom – Episode 02

12 04 2009

[Again, I haven’t confirmed that I’m gonna blog this series… this episode review is just in case I choose to, so that I don’t fall behind.] So Phantom was one of the biggest surprises to me last week, probably because my expectations were low.  Nonetheless, it grabbed my attention as potential winner.  Episode 2 wasn’t quite as intriguing but that’s not its job.  With the hooker (episode 1) done, it’s time for the story to start building up. Read the rest of this entry »

Spring Pilots: Basquash!

10 04 2009

… Why oh WHY didn’t watch this earlier, like when it came out.  This makes two shows in a row that had absolutely amazing first episodes.  Eden catered towards my appreciation for good characters and directing, like ef-memories and Higurashi. For Basquash, it caters towards my interest in shows that put a lot of emphasis on the setting, like Eureka Seven and Last Exile.  In fact, I almost consider Basquash to be the fusion of Gurren Lagann and Eureka Seven. Read the rest of this entry »

Spring Pilots: Eden of the East

10 04 2009

I honestly had to stop myself from doing a full episode review for this.  I never said this was a guaranteed show to blog, and I didn’t feel like breaking my own personal rules… but that won’t stop me from giving the first episode endless praise.

Eden of the East really was on a level of its own from everything else this season.  Even the next best show I saw this season, Phantom, really couldn’t compare.  The first episode did almost everything right.  It was engaging, interesting, and most critically, it made me want more… a whole lot more. Read the rest of this entry »

K-ON! – Episode 02

10 04 2009

Again this post does not confirm that I’m gonna blog this series.  It just means that it’s a possiblity, and I don’t want to fall behind while I wait for the rest of the pilot episodes to premiere. 

This is episode was more standard K-ON! fare.  Yui being very airheaded, Ritsu being hotheaded, Mio being a fan favorite, and Tsumugi being, well, the rich ojou-sama type.  Talking about the plot would be kinda pointless since there isn’t any plot to begin with.  So instead, this post contains some thoughts that crossed my mind as I watched this episode. Read the rest of this entry »