I have a winter regret…

23 03 2009

...as if he could do anything...

But thankfully, It’s not one I have to live with. As you are probably aware, I’m quite behind right now on episode reviews. But now my quarter is done and I’ll finally have the time to catch up. That’s not the point, the point is, on a lot of the shows I’m blogging, I’m actually up to date watching them, just not blogging them. I’ve seen up to Episode 7 of Munto TV, Episode 23 of Clannad ~After Story, and most critically, episode 8 of Kurokami.

I’ve been growing more and more frustrated at Kurokami as the episodes have been progressing. The show has fallen into a pattern and the characters are honestly irritiating. I considered dropping the show multiple times already, but my counter argument was “There’s nothing to replace it”…

until now. Earlier this week, I played catch up on a couple of shows. One of which was Asu no Yoichi, which I will say, is actually funny and not quite as bad as I initially thought. I also caught up on Regios, and I will say, after 9 episode, this show is REALLY impressing me. It’s got a great cast of character and a story that I’m really interested in. On top of that the setting seems to indicate a deeper back story that hasn’t been explored yet.

So, if blogging Kurokami has been my biggest regret this Winter, then now it’s one I don’t have to deal with anymore. Regios is a much more interesting show to me, and as such, I’ll be dropping Kurokami for Chrome-Shelled Regios. (starting w/ epiode 6)



Kurokami – Episode 05

14 03 2009

Okay, bad feelings are gone, slightly. This episode was a bit more like the first 2 eps then the past 2. The fight at the beginning was quite exciting to watch, and Keita didn’t seem like useless baggage. But the Excel and Steiner took the episode. They were interesting, well characterized, and simply kick ass. Their “Synchro” scene sorta screamed Sailor Moon though, oh well, it’s still better then Keita/Kuro’s. I also couldn’t help but think about Pokemon attacks when the two teams used their Exceed. Kuro’s looked like Fire Punch, and Steiner’s screamed Double Team -_-;;;

This episode did have problems though. It still isn’t clear to me why the two had to fight. The “we must fight since you attacked” reasoning felt like nothing more then an excuse for the animators to make a fight scene. I mean, in spite of going at each other’s throats by the midpoint, all of them got along really well by the end.

Anyway, from the looks of it, Kurokami is going into its first arc next episode. Still hoping Keita mans up.

RATING: 7.5/10


Kurokami – Episode 04

9 03 2009

I’m getting a REALLY bad feeling about how this series is turning out. I mean this episode was better than the fail-fest of episode 3… but not by much. Keita is rapidly becoming a worse character then he is in the manga. Not because he’s a jerk, but more like he’s too indecisive and rather random.

The revelation of Kuro’s goal (to kill her brother) wasn’t anything too surprising considering she mentioned it in episode 1. Also, I normally don’t complain about stuff like this, but, I have to say, Kuro’s brother has too much of a “I’m so evil and you know it” attitude.

After another weak fight, with Kuro and Keita getting pummeled, they’re saved by another Motosuitama. However, they decide to pick a fight with them against all logic. I expect more pain next episode >_<

… This show better pick up, or else I’m gonna drop it REALLY soon.

RATING: 6.5/10


Kurokami – Episode 03

2 02 2009

I refuse to believe that of everything the director could’ve done, he chose to do this… Simply put, this episode was appalling.  After seeing the great job that Kurokami did for the fights in the first two episodes, the fight in this episode was completely uninspired. 

If you were to see your teacher beating someone you knew senseless, the first thing you’d do is OBVIOUSLY consult advise from that teacher while he’s beating the person. [/sarcasm]  Obvious dialogue issues aside, the music was used completely inappropriately this time.  It would start randomly, not add any intensity to the fight, and then be followed by long portions of no bg music.

The rest of the episode besides the fight was okay.  Got some background and fleshing out of some of the characters.  But that fight left me saying “seriously?” at this episode

RATING: 6/10

Kurokami – Episode 02

24 01 2009

The best way to summarize this week’s episode is take last week’s episode (with its horror elements) and combine it with action from a shounen series (say, Bleach).  That being said, manwha fans should recognize that a critical scene (that should’ve been done last week) was played this week.  I am of course talking about Keita and Kuro forming a contract.

This led to another major diversion from the manwha.  In that, Keita woke up back in his apartment when he finds out about the contract.  In this, he wakes up immediately and the fight continues in a VERY shounen like fashion (yelling chargeup leading to a powerful attack).

So I mentioned last week that I preffered this version of Keita to his manwha counterpart since he isn’t a jerk.  However, now Keita is spineless.  (Think of Yuuji early on in Shakugan no Shana).  I suspect, though, that Keita might get more powerful faster then manwha-Keita did.

RATING: 8/10 (cool, but not as cool as last week)