Summer 2008 Finale Reviews

Similar to how I did a pilot episode review for Summer 2008, the end of the season means the end of a lot of series.  Instead of posting many posts about different series, I decided to incorporate them all to one post.

If you wish to comment, please comment on separate page I made for this entry.  The blog entry itself, will be deleted frequently and reposted w/ new shows to keep it refreshed and bumped at the top.


Special A

This was a show that, for many people, started off poorly.  A 7.4 early rating on MAL was a testament to this fact.  I was one of those who loved the early episodes.  Its off the wall exaggerated comedy was very refreshing and easy to watch.  At the time I hadn’t read the manga so I didn’t really know where the story would go.  Eventually, I did read the manga, and that may be why I never got annoyed of Hikari’s character.  More importantly, it got me excited for what was to come.  At the show’s midpoint, I was easily calling it the most underrated show of the spring season.  However, soon the adaptation got more and more faithful to the manga, and public opinion started to increase around the time when Akira and Tadashi got the spotlight.  Indeed in the manga, this is where the story shines, when the other couples started to get some attention.  As for the finale itself, I had a problem with the way they portrayed Aoi… he isn’t that bad of a guy, hell he’s actually a good guy with sympathetic qualities.  In a way, he’s kinda like Yahiro, makes himself out to be the enemy for the good of a certain someone.  As with any anime of limited length, they didn’t have time to get to all the story elements, most prominent with a little character named Finn (although Finn did make a cameo in the final episode).

So with the final MAL rating crossing 8.0, I can safely say that this show is no longer underrated.  It’s an easy view that accessible to everyone and most people will feel good after viewing

RATING: 8/10


Zero no Tsukaima ~Princess no Rondo~

This was the show I was most excited for in the summer season.  Probably because there wasn’t really anything else to look forward to.  I wasn’t a huge fan of the 2nd season, though I really like it’s second half.  Imagine how happy I was when the story kicked off w/ plot from episode 1.  I was under the impression that this season would be ALL plot and romance developments.  Unfortunately I celebrated too soon.  While in previous seasons, the show would start of mediocre and end good, this season started good and ended poor.  It got lost in the fanservice around episode 4.  Not to say there weren’t some good parts, namely with the introduction of a Henrietta-Saito-Louise love triangle, and Louise finally somewhat trusting Saito.

Lastly the finale was one BIG non-ending, I’ll be very surprised if they didn’t make another season.  I’ll watch a 4th season… but please oh PLEASE hire the old director.

Final verdict, better then season 2 but just barely
RATING: 7.5/10 


Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu

I initially felt this show was gonna be a cross of Zero no Tsukaima and Lucky Star. With the Haruka being a cross of Konata and Louise.  I was WAYY off.  It ended up being better.  Haruka embodied the stereotypical moe character throughout the series, and nearly everyone can like her.  But the show’s real star was Yuuto.  Completly atypical from the usual rom-com male lead.  He isn’t perverted, stupid, or indecisive.  He’s about as real as a male lead can be in animes.  From the beginning his eye was always on Haruka, so any advancements from other characters where in vain.

As for the finale itself… GAH stupid eel!! My only real complaints with the show are that the initial pacing of the series was off, and that the character of Shiina wasn’t fleshed out enough.
Overall, rom-com fans will love this show.

RATING: 8/10 



Macross Frontier

I have 3 letters to say in reference to that finale… W O W.  That was probably the most epic finale i’ve ever seen, second only to Gurren Lagann.  Before this episode I was contemplating giving Frontier an 8… now I have to stop myself from giving it a 10.  The lead up episodes felt like the show as losing its focus, concentrated too much on the love triangle, and not enough on the music + mecha.  Thankfully, this episode returned to that… in an explosive way.

So all in all, Macross Frontier was a romance, music, mecha anime made in honor of the 25th anniversary of the original Macross series.  Having not seen the original series, I’m glad that the show isn’t very reliant on past events (except Macross Zero).  The weakest aspect of the show was the love triangle, the writers didn’t put enough into it to make it matter.  But that fault is easily overlooked by superb animation and amazing music.  I think it was in episode 5 or 6 when Sheryl and Ranka sang together for the first time while Alto was fighting the Vajra that I realized that this show was going to be something special.  And the final episode returned to that sheer awesomeness in such a way that it brought tears to my eyes.

This is a VERY strong contender against Soul Eater for best show of the spring season.

RATING: 9.5/10



Code Geass; Lelouch of the Rebellion R2

This was easily the most hyped anime of the spring season, and it had reason to be.  After that huge cliffhanger, everyone was dying to know what happened.  The answer itself was quite disappointing as no major changes happened as a result of it.  The new character, Rolo, ended up being quite weak, and almost no one liked him.


But those are superficial problems, there were much more important, core problems with the second season.  First and foremost, the writing took a nosedive.  Plot twists were being written for the sake of having them in the show.  Plot holes were popping up at an alarming rate.  And of course… in the end, of all the main characters that were “killed off” only around 3 of them stayed dead.  And other character that were killed off were killed off for the sake of removing them from the plot.  Marianne is revealed to be alive… MAJOR REVELATION!!! except she’s killed one episode later.  The Knight of One has a Geass… MAJOR REVELATION!!! He dies minutes after revealing it.

The other major problem was the show’s direction.  All throughout season 1 and most of season 2, the show was building up to a final confrontation between Lelouch and Charles.  Instead, that confrontation was underplayed and the show took a complete shift and made a side character, Schneizel, the final villain.  That was my least favorite part of R2.

Now with all these problems that I’m point out, it might sound that I hated R2. Not true at all.  In terms of anime, Code Geass R2 was very good.  In terms of the first season, this season disappointed.  When we look back on Code Geass we’re not gonna remember it for it’s great writing, instead it’ll be more about it’s entertainment factor, it’s large cast, and unpredictability. The finale itself, does the entire series justice and is worthy of the monumental SUNRISE project called Code Geass.

RATING: 8/10

(Now SUNRISE do us a favor, and DONT pull a SEED Destiny on this.)


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